Benefits of Showering in the Morning & Evening vs Just Showering in the Evening

Last Updated on 2022-09-11 , 11:57 am

Does it really matter what time of the day you shower? Or not shower at all? Ewww…

It appears that Asians and Caucasians might have some differing options. In Japan, people generally shower at night after they get home from work, while in the west, people generally shower in the morning before work.

So which is better? Should you shower in the morning before leaving the house?

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The benefits of showering in the morning are numerous

It fully wakes you up
This is the most obvious reason why people should shower in the morning. It wakes you up and get you ahead of the game. If you have time for more than a quick shower in the morning, it helps you to mediate and focus on the things that you need to do.

It decreases inflammation of the skin
Apparently, a morning shower can also reduce the inflammation in the skin by capping levels of a hormone called cortisol.

It is the best way to prime your face
A morning shave is way better than an evening one because you are alert and less likely to cut yourself. If you should cut yourself accidentally, the surge of platelets (blood cloggers) will also work in your favour. At the same time, ladies can prime their faces before going out into the sun and dirt. It also stimulates our skin cells after a night of relaxation to prevent unwanted acne or pimples.

It get rids of “bed-smell”
In Singapore, the weather tends to be more than a little warm all-round the year. Hence, it is inevitable that we can get a little sweaty during the night, even with the air-con on. A morning shower helps us to get rid of the sticky sweat during the night and get rid of the sourness smell of sweat which is commonly known as “bed-smell”.

Or it can also remove the chou chou smell from you – a smell that only you think is nice.

But wait. The opposite argument for evening showers has plenty of benefits too!

Benefits of showering just during the evening

It gets rid of dirt and germs from the day
Evening or night time showers help to get rid of the dust and dirt that you have accumulated on your face and body from the day out at work. It removes oil, dirt and pollutants from the skin and cleanse it well for the night’s work in repairing the skin cells. You should get into bed clean.

It forms a night time routine that relaxes you
A night time shower can be part of your “preparing for bed” routine, whereby you attend to yourself and practise good self-care routines. The process of showering and getting ready for bed relaxes you and help you to get a better sleep during the night. It also helps to prime your body for bed and rest.

It would seem that showering in the morning has more benefits than a night time shower, but most people would practise both morning and night time showers in Singapore because #itisjusttoohot!

If you are just like the rest of us who shower twice a day, remember to use lukewarm water instead of hot water for showers as hot temperature causes dryness of the skin.

It may also be a good habit for you to use some body moisturiser to pamper the skin after a night time shower too!

So, if you die-die want an answer, here it is: yes, showering in the morning is good for you. Not sure if it’s good for your wallet with the increasing water bills, though…

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