Show Luo Had Allegedly Cheated On His Girlfriend of 4 Years with A Young Actress

The number of cheating scandals involving celebrities in the last few months has been too damn high.

First, we’ve Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong from Hong Kong. Then we’ve Carrie Wong and Ian Fang from Singapore. Next we’ve Ah Xiang and Cheryl Hsieh from Taiwan.

And now?

We’ve got Show Luo and a little-known actress known as Cherry Yu.

Now, who’s Cherry Yu, and why is this an issue?

Show Luo is Attached

Lest you’re not aware, the baby-faced Show Luo is every 90s girl’s imaginary boyfriend: the multi-talented celebrity can host, act, model and sing.

For most Singaporeans, we get to know him through a daily show, 100% Entertainment (娱乐百分百), that’s aired on national TV every weekday:

The superstar has always kept a low profile when it comes to his dating life.

However, in late 2017, he finally made his relationship status public; apparently, back then, he has already dated a China influencer for two years—which means they’ve been together since 2015.

The girlfriend, Grace, has well over 2 million followers on Weibo, and has openly admitted that she had gone under the knife before for her eyes and nose.

Marriage seems to be on the cards for the beautiful couple then: after all, they’ve just gone public and both aren’t that young (back in 2017, Show was 38 and Grace was 29).

But recently, it turned out that this perfect couple isn’t that perfect after all.

Cherry Yu

You might not know much about her because she’s a budding actress. The 25-year-old, who stands at 170 cm, enter the industry after joining a Taiwanese variety show.

Back in 2016, it’s alleged that Cherry had dated Show Luo.

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Nothing wrong with that…except for the fact that Show Luo has been dating Grace since 2015.

In a leaked WhatsApp chat screenshot, Cherry had told her friend that she was dating a “pop king”.

While she didn’t say who, she did disclose the address of the pop king, and it was revealed to be Show’s place.

When she was dating Show, Show had allegedly told her that his relationship with Grace was fading.

And in a twist, Cherry took it to a whole new level.

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Tipped Paparazzi About a Christmas Meet-Up

Now, remember: that was in 2016. Show hadn’t made his relationship with Grace public, so the paparazzi just wanted to know who he was dating.

Cherry apparently tipped the paparazzi about a meet-up with Show, and even warned them that Show would look around to ensure that there was no car around before parking, so the paparazzi should park farther away.


Well, nothing came out back in 2016.

The couple (Show and Cherry) had since broken up after six months. Show’s representatives didn’t confirm or deny the affair, but added that the two of them were acquainted and hadn’t contacted each other for years.

Cherry Spoke About It in 2017

In a web series in 2017, Cherry spoke about an ex-boyfriend and how she had become a third party in the relationship.

She said, “I only felt stupid. I kept believing his lies. Eventually, I saw that he openly acknowledged her. I can only then wish him happiness.”


Oh, wells.

Publicity Stunt?

Remember: Cherry isn’t that popular, so netizens believed that it was a publicity stunt.

Nevertheless, that’s definitely going to cause a dent in the perfect relationship between Show and Grace.

Unless Grace is like Sammi Cheng lah.

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