Show Luo Suddenly Wrote a Love Letter to His Ex & People Think It’s Just Damage Control

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To write a love letter to someone is pretty darn sweet. Most would send love letters in private to their loved ones.

However, Taiwanese singer-host Show Lo might have thought differently.

Image: Screenshot from Weibo

A month after his ex-girlfriend, Grace Chow wrote an expose on him and his chronic womanising habits, the 40-year-old has finally come out of hiding to address the scandal.

A Love Letter To An Ex

Show Lo posted the lengthy love letter on his Weibo on the morning of 20 May after a three-week hiatus.

The letter, who was intended for Grace Chow, was written in third-person and in a diary format dated from 1 May to 20 May.

Could he have spent the whole of the three weeks writing the love letter? Talk about commitment.

The Details 

The letter which was titled “Boy Girl” begins with how the ex-couple first met and talks about how they fell in love and the many happy memories that they had made in their nine years together.

It was also filled with personal photos of the two together.

Image: Weibo

In an entry titled May 8, Show said expressed they were in a “passionate relationship” and how their feelings for each other “deepened quickly”.

According to him, the lovebirds would not sleep each night before they part and would choose to hold each other tightly, chatting and watching movies.

Image: Screenshot from Weibo

“Even if it was for a short while, they still treasured it, because they didn’t know when they would meet again,” said Show.

In another entry, he wrote that the boy realised that no matter what happened, the girl was willing to protect him and that this was the “simplest form of happiness” for the boy.

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Finally, in the last entry titled May 20, Show wrote that the Grace has never let anyone see her weakness despite the pain he caused her all these years.


“I never stopped reflecting on myself,” Show wrote. He claims in his letter that he is sorry.

For Those Unaware Of What Had Happened 

Chinese Influencer Grace Chow, 31, found out about Show’s unfaithfulness when she looked at his mobile phone for the first time during their relationship.

Image: Weibo

She revealed that every day she wasn’t around, Show would invite different women into his home and at every city that he went to, he would have women that he could invite to the hotel.

Yes, talk about commitment.

Grace also found out that she Show had another mobile phone used specifically to chat up girls.


It was also implied that he would hold “mass exercises” with other women.

Image: Giphy

So much for commitment.

Once A Cheater Always A Cheater? 

Show’s post is now trending on Weibo but netizens have doubts about his true intentions.

One said that if he wasn’t looking to patch up with her, “he’s looking to make a career comeback”.


Another questioned if he was just trying to save his image by “coming out as a lovelorn boy”.

Image: Weibo

Although Grace believed that Show had truly loved her despite his infidelity, she has not publicly responded to his love letter.

Maybe she’s too busy counting money?

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