Show Luo’s Ex-Girlfriend Found Out He’s a Womanizer After Checking His Phone


There was one thing that always bothered me about Show Luo’s appearance.

Take a good look at this picture, and I’m sure you’ll spot it too:

Image: JpopAsia

Damn, those are huge eyebags.

Assuming those aren’t just genes doing strange things, one might be led to believe that Show Luo is just too hardworking leading to very late nights.

But as today’s post will reveal… Show Luo is indeed very hard at work into many late nights.

Small Recap

Just so you’re not all lost, here’s a small recap on what happened before:

And now, Chow and Show had really broken up, and everything is let loose for the world to know in Chow’s Weibo post.

Why the Ridout Road Colonial Houses Saga is Actually NOT a Saga:

Here’s the translation that’s circulating around if you want to read yourself:

The wall of text is an open letter to Show, and Chow took a while to contemplate over matters so make sure she was calm when addressing this matter.

The Breakup Happened When She Checked Show’s Phone

In the 9 years of relationship, Show had apparently prevented her from checking his phone, saying that mutual trust is important.

And so she didn’t. For 9 years.


But as it turned out, trust wasn’t so mutual, which she found out by checking because of “certain reasons”.

Show had a separate phone used for contacting other girls.

Show Invited Girls Home Almost Every Day Chow Wasn’t There

In the post, Chow claimed that Show would visit hotels with girls in every city he visits and that he had relationships with the artists and makeup artist he introduced to Chow. Show would even have “group exercises” that ordinary people couldn’t imagine.

Reader Bao: What is group exercises with girls?

Maybe a Great Singapore Workout together.

It seems like Chow had caught him cheating before, but thought that she was the only one who understood Show and can change him.

How Did He Have The Time?

They would say goodbye every day at 3 or 4 am in the morning. So in her post, Chow also wondered if he sacrificed sleep for one night stands.

Oooh so that’s why his eyebags…

The Open Letter Is a Warning To Other Girls

If they had broken up because of compatibility, or even if Show had fallen for another girl, then she would have been a “role model ex-girlfriend”.

But Chow believes that no one can change Show, because certain people are just born to be jerks. She warns other girls to not be deceived by him.


She also says that she is not heartbroken, because Show isn’t worth it.

Show Responded

In his Weibo, Show replied.

Here’s a translation:

First of all, apologies for my private matters taking up public resources, thank you everyone for your concern.

Perhaps many people are waiting to see how I respond, but I just want to say that two people together go through happy times and ups and downs, and we were on and off many times in the nine years. What I did wrong, I will also self-examine. There are many things that can’t be said clearly in just a few words, and I won’t explain any more. Thankful for the time we’ve known each other, I also don’t regret it @ Grace Chow

A slightly more apologetic version is also on Instagram:


But one can only wonder if this is merely PR damage control considering…

Show Luo May Have Lost Two Jobs Worth S$17 Million

Fans have started calling for his removal in the shows Go Fighting! and Produce Camp 2020.

In particular, Produce Camp 2020 is a reality TV competition featuring young female contestants.

And it would appear that Show may have lost those jobs, as Taiwanese media noted that content related to Show had been removed in the websites of those programmes.


Contracts in China also includes a stipulation that performers must not do anything going against moral values, or the company reserves the right to end the working relationship between the two parties at any time.

Taiwanese media estimates his earnings to be NT$180mil (S$8.5mil) from each of the two programmes, for a total of NT$360mil (S$17mil). And that is not excluding his potential appearance on future shows.

Maybe from now on, we’ll see Show’s eyebags disappearing.