Show Luo’s Mother Reportedly Blamed Show’s Ex-GF for Destroying his Career

Show Luo hasn’t been having a good month.

First, he was allegedly spotted partying with 20 hot girls in a villa during the Covid-19 outbreak.

His girlfriend exposed him publicly, allegedly calling him a “womaniser” and called him out on how he “organised group exercises” with other people.

And he might’ve lost two jobs worth $17 million after fans started calling for him to be removed from the shows Go Fighting! and Produce Camp 2020.

Ooh, ouch.

Show Lo’s Mother Reportedly Blamed Show’s Ex-GF for Destroying his Career

Madam Lin Hsiang-lan, Show Luo’s mom, is reportedly not happy with the very public spat between her son and his ex-girlfriend.

Chow, she said, shouldn’t have brought the matter into the public limelight.

They should’ve settled it in private because now that the matter has blown up, her son’s entertainment career was “destroyed”.

She added that when Chow and Luo were still dating, she treated Chow as her daughter-in-law.

Netizens Instantly Turned Their Ire On Her

When Madam Lin’s criticisms were reported, netizens immediately turned on her for her comments.

Show Luo, they said, destroyed his own career with his actions by cheating on Chow.

So why would she say it as though it’s Chow’s fault?

Well, all I can say is, the love of a mother, right?

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It’s Not Just Show Luo’s Career That’s In Danger

Linda Chien, also known as Butterfly Sister, is Show Luo’s co-host on 100% Entertainment.

Image: YouTube

Chow has alluded to Chien being one of Luo’s sexual partners in several very public posts.

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On 27 Apr, both Chien and Luo apologised to Chow, and it was reportedly because Chow has evidence of their intimate conversations.

Fans are calling for Luo and Chien to be removed from 100% Entertainment.

Gala Television, the network behind the show has responded.

They said that episodes this week will be hosted by the other co-hosts, Wayne Huang, Kenny Khoo and Nine Chen.

They also said that other episodes have been recorded and they’re still considering if they should continue with the recording as scheduled.



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