People Around Sim Wong Hoo Shocked at His Passing As Everything Seemed Normal a Week Ago


You are probably already aware of the passing of Sim Wong Hoo, the founder and CEO of Creative Technology.

He was 67 when he passed away on Wednesday.

Mr Sim’s sudden death shocked those around him as he seemed normal merely a week ago.

Healthy Lifestyle

A photo of Mr Sim completing a marathon was displayed at his wake, which was held at the Garden of Remembrance memorial hall.

Ms Lim, who was classmates with Mr Sim at Bukit Panjang Government High School, told The Straits Times that when she unexpectedly bumped into Mr Sim on Saturday, he looked healthy.

She had even attended a classmate’s wake with him in October.

An unnamed employee also told The Straits Times that Mr Sim was always jogging, exercising and eating healthily.

According to interviews, Mr Sim started running in 2007 and completed more than 50 marathons. 

This number includes at least a dozen ultramarathons, which is an impressive feat since he had to juggle exercise and work. 

In a Facebook post expressing his condolences, Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang stated that he literally “just met him two weeks ago – like all our meetings, we just talked and talked about audio, speakers, entrepreneurship and much more.”

The Straits Times reported that staff had seen Mr Sim in the office a day before his death. The fact that he looked healthy makes the news even more shocking.

According to Channel News Asia, Mr Sim’s friends were unaware of the cause of his death, though a close friend said he was found dead unexpectedly.

Fondly Remembered by All

Mr Sim was an instrumental pioneer in the technology world. 

He founded Creative Technology in 1981, which became well-known for its Sound Blaster sound cards.

For the younger generation, you may know Creative as the company that manufactures your Chinese e-dictionaries.

More than 100 people attended his wake. 


Outside the memorial hall were flowers from various organisations and people, including Razer’s Tan Min-Liang, companies like Challenger and Osim, and even arts organisations like the Kuo Pao Kun Foundation.

Ms Chew, another secondary school classmate of Mr Sim, described him as a “modest, humble man” in an interview with The Straits Times.

“Even though he was very rich, he was very generous with his friends,” she added.

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Tributes to the Late Sim Wong Hoo

Many people have taken to social media to pay tribute to the late Mr Sim.

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat dedicated a Facebook post to Mr Sim, crediting him for pushing onward in a time when Singapore was not known for innovation.


CNBC anchor Christine Tan, who had previously interviewed Mr Sim on Creative’s new Super X-Fi technology in 2019, took to Facebook to express her condolences.

She wrote, “Sim always had the tenacity to get back on his feet, to push ahead with products that would win the hearts, ears and eventually the wallets of his consumers.” 

Though he was well-known for his achievements in the technology world, Mr Sim’s passion for the arts was less known.

The Theatre Practice, which Mr Sim had been a part of since learning music at Singapore Performing Arts School in his teenage years, paid tribute to Mr Sim’s contributions on Facebook.

Mr Sim developed a deep friendship with The Theatre Practice’s co-founder Kuo Pao Kun and offered tremendous support to the group.  

It is no doubt that Mr Sim was not only a legend in the technology world but a dear friend to many, an avid supporter of the arts and an all-rounder. 


Rising to billionaire status from humble beginnings, he never lost sight of his values and remained modest.

He will continue to be an inspiration for generations to come. 

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Featured Image: Facebook (@Creative Labs)