Simon Yam is in Stable Condition Despite Being Admitted to ICU with a 2cm-wide, 3cm-deep Gash

Being a critically acclaimed movie star can be great and all that, for with the job comes fame, and millions of screaming fans that love your every move.

But sometimes, when everyone knows you because you’re a famous public figure, it might also attract all kinds of people – and sometimes, the wrong kind of people.

Those that will stab you for no apparent reason.

Actor Attacked


Find him familiar?

Most of us would recognise Hong Kong actor Simon Yam, or Yam Tat Wah, who has around 234 film and TV credits under his belt, including the 2003 Tomb Raider movie in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, the veteran actor fell victim to said stabbing by the wrong people.

Stabbed By A Fruit Knife

Yam was at an event for the opening of a building materials store in Zhongshan, China, and was giving a speech on stage when someone suddenly charged onto the stage and at him, according to videos online.

The man was seen to have taken a weapon out of his pocket while doing so and thrust it towards Yam’s abdomen repeatedly, as the actor tried to move away and shield himself while clutching his stomach.

The incident happened in a matter of seconds, leaving security guards and other bystanders rushing to subdue the man and get Yam to safety. Audience members were also gasping and reacting in shock.


According to the Zhongshan police, the man was identified as a 53-year-old schizophrenic local.

He had used a fruit knife to stab Yam, leaving a 2cm wide, 3cm deep gash in his stomach. Well, he’s certainly got the guts.

The incident left Yam with minor injuries to his internal organs and four fingers on his right hand, probably because he tried to stop the man by grabbing onto the sharp knife.

Ouch, that must hurt.

He’s In Stable Condition

Yam was rushed to a hospital in Zhongshan where he received surgery for his injuries. On Saturday night, 20 July, he returned back to Hong Kong, where he was transferred to the intensive care unit in the Adventist Hospital there.

Representatives from his management company, Emperor Entertainment Group, said that he was in stable condition, with the chance of undergoing another surgery the next day. It is also unclear how long he will be hospitalised for.

In a statement they made on Saturday night, they expressed their extreme shock about the incident and stated that they would be taking action against the perpetrator.

You never know when some crazy guy would suddenly stab you for no reason in this world anymore. Scary.

Here’s wishing Simon Yam a speedy recovery!

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