Since Launch, Maplestory M Has Been Going into Maintenance Regularly But Are Giving Rewards

If you’ve been playing Maplestory M, Nexon’s handheld proferring for its Maple-obsessed fans, you would’ve realised one thing:

You spend more time staring at a server maintenance notice, than actually playing the game.

Image: Giphy

Indeed, the game might’ve been launched just two days ago on 25 July, but it has already experienced two server maintenance periods.


Image: Maplestory M Facebook Page
Image: Maplestory M Facebook Page

Incidentally, that’s more than the number of times I sit atop a toilet bowl and go through my own maintenance phase. #justsaying


But it’s not all gloom, as there’s one single perk awaiting the end of these impromptu server maintenance periods.

Maintenance rewards.

Indeed, gamers are rewarded for their efforts (waiting) with in-game maintenance rewards, which routinely involve mesos, tickets and other misc. stuff. So in that sense, we’re not really getting short-changed or anything, even though technically time is money.

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Also, after sitting under a waterfall for two minutes and thinking about life, I came upon this thought:

Perhaps it’s not surprising for something like this to happen. In fact, it might actually be more surprising that such stuff doesn’t happen even more often.

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See, whenever a game first launches, players would invariably all log in at the same time to check it out. And when you consider that it’s Maplestory M, a game of such ginormous following, you really can’t help but wince at the pain the server must be feeling with like 101% extra baggage on it. In fact, if you were to visualise it in human form…

Image: Youtube

Yep, close enough.

Lest you don’t know, everything online needs a physical server, too.

First look

And just to end things off on an informative note, we actually did a first look impression on the game prior to this article.

Here’s an excerpt from it:

“So I was equipping multiple rewards as a result of quests, and looking like a total badass now next to my new cat, Tom, when I clicked on something and boomz.

I’m now riding on a big-ass pig.

I knew beforehand that rideable animals were available in the game, but I just didn’t expect it to be this… soon. No complaints from my side though.

And then it was slime-time, and I get to use my kickass bandit skills on those poor green slimy things.

It’s just too bad that they had to meet me.

Incidentally, I chanced upon a fellow pig-riding compatriot, and he very kindly agreed (silence means consent) to take a photo with me.

And here we are smiling like the badasses we inexplicably are.

Sounds interesting? Then head here to read the whole article.

Maplestory M (After playing it more)

Having played it for like 5 hours (with so many maintenance, it’s hard to play more), I can safely say that it’s nothing like the Maplestory of old. And I didn’t really mean that in the positive sense. How do I put it…

Things are too easy now.

And while I’m not exactly complaining about it, I just don’t see the game drawing my attention for long enough if I level up with every single quest.


But don’t let my words sway you; download it, and judge for yourself.

Because as I preached in my earlier article, the game’s definitely worth checking out.

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