Man Criticises S’pore Circuit Breaker System & Compares It With China Lockdown


Innovative ideas will always draw skepticism from doubters, and Singapore’s Circuit Breaker system is no different.

Essentially a less severe version of the globally-recognised ‘lockdown’ method, the Circuit Breaker system exists to restrict any unnecessary, circumstantially dangerous socialisation, while preserving some of the notions that render life a more tolerable one. Or in other words, the Circuit Breaker acts exactly like a Circuit Breaker;

A warranty of sorts that will save the system should everything go wrong. 

Or so it seems on the surface, anyway, because the Circuit Breaker hasn’t exactly warranted the best results. With the bare leniency that the Circuit Breaker has seen fit to turn a blind eye to, individuals have abused the system to crowd such places as bubble tea establishments in this time of crisis.

Braving the risk of transmission for a good ol’ cup of bubble tea? Sounds worth it…not.

Though of course, we would later find out that bubble tea shops have been crossed off the list of essential businesses as well, a notion that would not sit well with addicts that live off boba pearls.

But between the survival of humanity and the angst of an avid bubble tea lover, I think the correct answer remains obvious.

And so, with a brief explanation of what the circuit breaker’s all about done (kinda), it’s time to head back to the original point: doubters. Because as I’ve said before, innovative ideas will always draw skepticism…

Which this man’s testimony manages to inculcate in full… in just 2 minutes and 58 seconds.

Man Criticises S’pore Circuit Breaker System & Compares It With China Lockdown

Barely a few hours ago, the video of a man comparing the local circuit breaker system to the total lock-down method adopted by China surfaced on Facebookwhere it made its rounds and subsequently went viral.

The 2:58 clip has since garnered 6.1K views and 475 shares, as well as 208 comments.

In the video, a Chinese man in a face mask takes the audience through several places in the local scene, where he lambasted the government’s handling of the situation.

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He openly criticised how people were still allowed to crowd in a supermarket, and questioned the continued operations of eateries and food courts.

At one point in time, he also filmed several taxis waiting in tow at the pick-up point, and remarked how they were still allowed to provide service in this time of crisis.

Nearing the end of the video, the man then compared the two systems adopted by Singapore and China, and rather explicitly recommended that Singapore be efficient like its China counterpart and utilize the full lock-down method instead.

You can watch the full video down below:


Netizens React

After the video went viral, Singaporeans turned up in droves to air their opinions about the whole ‘criticism thing going on’. And as one might’ve surmised, comments weren’t nice.

Image: Facebook (Ng Jeslina)

One also clarified the entire situation…

Image: Facebook (Ng Jeslina)

While others questioned why the man himself seemed to be walking around the area without any real purpose, despite everything he preached in the video.

Image: Facebook (Ng Jeslina)

Though to be fair, some did empathise with the man’s opinions. Supporters, however, were few and far between.


And so, the all-important question beckons:

Is Singapore truly in need of a total lock-down? Or is the Circuit Breaker sufficient in light of the recent circumstances?

Reader Bao: Without bubble tea, it’s already like a lockdown.

Fair enough.