Heartwarming Photo Of Elderly Covid-19 Patient & Young Wuhan Doctor Watching The Sunset Goes Viral


It’s easy to take a sunset for granted. After all, it occurs on a daily basis; missing it on one occasion does not equate to sunset abstinence on an everlasting basis.

Image: tinybuddha.com

And yet, it’s not until one loses something that they truly begin to appreciate it for what it’s worth.

One’s family.

Worry-free personnel strolling through the open streets.

A beautiful sunset. 

As the coronavirus outbreak extends its reach around the globe, humanity has realised the importance of everything that they’ve taken for granted…

With this heartwarming photo encapsulating the entire notion of ‘even the simplest things in life make us happy’.

Heartwarming Photo Of Elderly Covid-19 Patient & Young Doctor Watching The Sunset Goes Viral

According to China Dailya photo of an 87-year-old Covid-19 patient with his doctor appreciating the Wuhan sunset has gone viral on Weibo.

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The elderly patient had been isolated for around a month, during which he had consistently received Covid-19 treatment.

Image: Facebook

Never mind the sunset; he probably forgot how flowers look like, honestly speaking.

His doctor, under the impression that watching a sunset might lift his patient’s spirits, then stopped the hospital bed on the way back to the patient’s room after a CT scan on Thursday (5 March).

And suffice it to say; it was a sight to behold.

Both Doctor & Patient Emerged From The Experience Feeling Better

According to the doctor, the patient’s mood has since improved after witnessing the spectacle. And it seems that Doctor Liu, too, has professed to enjoy the sight.

“Since coming to Wuhan, we have been working shifts around the clock,” he said. “I also wanted to enjoy it awhile.”

A young doctor and an elderly patient; separated by a veil of profession, they’re ultimately united by a glamorous sunset…

Image: Facebook (Ong Lip Qin Physiotherapist – Precise Rehab)

And a fervent hope that at the end of the line, the world will get back on its feet from this latest setback and embrace the inevitable sunrise that dawns upon humanity.

Image: economictimes.indiatimes.com

Sure, the Covid-19 might’ve done a number on the human population, but at the end of the day…

As long as there’s a sunset, there’ll be a sunrise.

And the Covid-19, powerful as it is, will be unable to obstruct the force of nature that’s the mentality of humanity.

I mean, just take a look at China who has reported 0 new Covid-19 cases for areas outside Hubei for two days in a row.