There’s a Company in S’pore That Sells Beautifully Designed Money Bouquets


Buying gifts for your loved ones can be hard. It requires you to truly understand the person you’re gifting to.

Such is the dilemma of xOxOApplePieXoXo, who regularly receives gifts from people chasing her affection.

Like the time when she received a diamond ring as a “simple gift”.

“Why you wasting money on this? You think I’ll be happy with something created from the slave labours of children??”

“No, my love. This diamond is synthetic. Purer and more beautiful than the real thing, and it’s not made with slave labour but by the scientific genius of… uh. Science.”

“What use is a diamond ring?? To put in my cupboard and forget?”

But today was finally the time that someone understood her. She had received… this:

Image: Facebook (J’s Money Bouquet)

Okay back to reality. That picture is from J’s Money Bouquet, a business operating on Facebook that arranges bouquets of money for any occasion you have.

That particular bouquet was arranged for a customer’s wife for their anniversary, consisting of five S$10 notes, nine S$50 notes and five S$100 notes for a total of S$1000.

Money Bouquets Don’t Have To Have A Lot Of Money

A smaller bouquet like this is only S$17, with one note each of S$2, S$5, and a S$10.

Image: Facebook (J’s Money Bouquet)

Or, which has four S$10 notes and five S$2 notes to make up S$50.

Image: Facebook (J’s Money Bouquet)

It’s for any occasion you can think of too.

Mother’s Day gift? Birthdays? Valentine’s Day? Any reason you can think of, money bouquet is a good gift.

One would even argue that money bouquets are more gender-neutral compared to their flowery counterparts.

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Money Bouquets Have Been A Thing For A While

Looking around, you can find other businesses offering money bouquets as well. Like Petalfoo, a florist that offers money bouquets and other flower arrangements as well:

Image: Petalfoo

Or MoneyFlower, that specialises in money bouquets just like J’s:


You can even find people on Carousell doing the flower arrangements:

Image: Carousell

A check on MoneyFlower’s site shows that they are all out of stock:


And if you were sharp-eyed, you’ll notice that the money in the bouquets is more than the price itself.

Don’t get too excited, that’s not the price including the money notes.

But if you were looking for a gift for that someone you truly understand, you know where to find them now.


Flashback to imagination.

xOxOApplePieXoXo almost jumped with excitement from finding the one who knows her well. Joyful tears welled up in her eyes, she spoke, “Finally, someone understood that I’m a huge nerd of Yusof Bin Ishak.”

zZUsofNotYeeshakZz, who coincidentally looks like Yusof Bin Ishak, embraced her.

“And I also know that the one fact you liked most about Yusof Bin Ishak is that he started his career as a journalist.”

“I love how you understand me so well. Good luck with your digital media exam tomorrow, by the way.”

Fresh grads, you don’t need any experience to earn up to $4,200 with this “secret”:

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