There Will Soon Be a Movie Streaming Service (New, Not Old, Movies) in S’pore on a Pay-Per-View Basis

So before we get into it, a quick question for everyone.

How’s phase two been so far?

Did you manage to meet your (group of five or less) friends? Or perhaps you finally got to eat that bowl of ramen you were craving for ages?

The last statement is just the writer describing himself.

But one thing that hasn’t been reopened are movie theatres.

Image: Buro 24/7 Singapore

While Netflix is an option, we may have our very own local solution too.

Online Movie Streaming

According to The Straits Times, mainboard-listed film production group mm2 Asia will be launching a movie streaming platform in Singapore.

They announced on 24 June that the platform, Cathay CineHOME, will let people watch movies on a pay-per-view basis.

So this announcement is basically telling me to never leave home?

I can live with that.

Image: Giphy

Movies will come to the platform after their theatrical window or if they were previously limited-time ones.

Exclusives plus any new titles we missed? Sign me up

They might even have special ‘online movies’ too! I don’t think anyone can say no to that sort of variety.

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Alternative Options

Still, this isn’t going to happen like tomorrow.

mm2 Asia said it has not yet finalised the business terms and pricing plan for Cathay CineHOME with major studio and producer partners.

However, they do aim to open in the third quarter of the year so it’s still something to look forward to.

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Reader Bao: but by then safe reopening liao still need online cinema?

Well, it’s just for the variety of choices after all.

Executive chairman Melvin Ang said Cathay CineHOME will not replace the experience of going to the cinema.

Instead, it offers customers the option to enjoy films even if they don’t have time to head to a cinema.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed a movie screening by one day. Having more options and time can make it less disappointing.


This could also be beneficial for the movie industry as well.


Movies usually have different release windows and running periods to prevent too much competition in a time frame.

Now with an online cinema still showing movies that finished theatrical viewing, the need for competitive slots would be less AND customers can still enjoy a variety of shows.


Mr Ang also mentioned that they “always wanted a complementary platform to our cinemas to address the needs of movie lovers to achieve our long-announced OTT (over the top) ambitions”.

Which, in layman terms, basically means their internet streaming.

While we hope the virus would be more controlled by then, this could very well be a good alternative to one of our favourite pastimes!


At the very least I’m never missing any future Marvel movies ever again.

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