8 Best Singapore Podcasts to Listen to as We Continue to WFH for What Seems Like Forever


As we continue to stay home – to work or not – very so often than not, we will get a little lethargic. Cabin fever starts kicking in. Staying home starts getting into us and we start feeling unmotivated.

And, if you realize – podcasts have been growing in popularity because a quiet home will just make the cabin fever worse.

When asked, people often say that listening to podcasts is a great way to be exposed to more information and helps with personal growth. There is also something about a podcast that allows you to feel connected with the speaker.

Whatever it is, we are going to share with you the top 8 local podcasts in Singapore to help you fight through your unmotivated days!

Yah Lah But…

Image: Facebook (Ministry of Funny)

Hosted by the guys behind Ministry of Funny, this podcast covers uncensored – and sometimes controversial – topics.

Through this podcast, Haresh and Terence cover hot topics such as Xiaxue’s controversial statement regarding morbid obesity and Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI) Chan Chun Sing’s leaked audio.

Marketing themselves as talking about the most uncensored conversation in the most censored country, the duo has no limit to what they talk about and are unafraid to share their opinions.


So, if you are into straightforward, no bullsh*t sort of conversation, this podcast makes a great audio escape for you.

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The Naked Truth

Image: melisten.sg

The Naked Truth is hosted by Mediacorp Radio Station 987’s DJs, Gerald and Kimberly Wang. Mostly known for their “Get up, with Gerald & Kim”, the pair have branched out to a podcast channel where they talk about anything and everything.

With only five episodes thus far, the pair have talked about topics which include their first job, first kiss and so on. They have also included the public’s experience and opinions on the particular topic which sets the channel apart.

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SG Explained

Image: Facebook (SG Explained)

Answering questions and confusions about Singapore and listing facts of this multi-racial country, SG Explained explores the events and phenomenon of Singapore. The podcast aims to explain Singapore’s past and present situation as well as the origins of some of Singapore’s representations such as Kallang Wave and Laksa.

The channel also covers sensitive topics such as Section 377A and where does our CPF money goes to – which is what many are always curious about.

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Financially Literate Singapore

Image: podchaser.com

Spending too much during a circuit breaker? Time to learn how to manage your finance with Financially Literate Singapore.

Financially Literate Singapore covers financial-related topics and debunks financial myths. The channel also provides tips and tricks on investment and ensuring financial stability in life. If you’re looking to invest or just interested in economics, this channel will be an eye-opener and provide a better understanding of what’s going on in Singapore’s economy!

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Randomly Relatable SG

Image: Facebook (Randomly Relatable SG)

Randomly Relatable SG is the Number 1 Youth Podcast in Singapore. The channel talks about interesting topics which many can relate to, which includes popular topics that are trending online, controversial topics such as prostitution and random lifestyle topics such as careers, education, and more.

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This podcast is an amazing channel to turn to for better insight as to the different opinions people have towards existing but rarely talked about life issue.

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Image: Facebook (Okletsgo)

A channel that shines a light on the unseen side of Singapore, Okletsgo covers taboo topic such as drug trafficking and adultery. The podcast covers the talks in Malay; however, they do upload an English broadcast once every month as well.

The popular trio were radio DJs before they started this podcast channel – it is no wonder why they can converse so fluently.

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Conversations with Andie

Image: Apple Podcast

Hoping to have a glimpse into the celebrity’s life? Conversations with Andie is a podcast hosted by actor-turned-YouTuber Andie Chen, where he invites celebrities (like Sharon Au) and influencers (like Xiaxue) onto the channel to discuss their life experiences such as their life struggles and what keeps them going.

The podcast also allows people to have a better insight into the local creative industry and provides amazing life advice to their listeners.

He stopped the podcast for almost a year but has just come back with a new episode just recently.


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The Tea with Dee

Image: Instagram (The Tea This Week)

We all know who Dee Kosh is – a Singaporean Youtuber, Radio DJ and social media personality.

Dee Kosh is always known for its outspoken personality and everyone loves the tea that he spills online. Dee Kosh has now launched a podcast on Spotify where he spills more tea – with no restrictions. He invites anonymous guests to the channel and discusses current affairs and gossips – raw and unedited.

If you have always been a fan of Dee Kosh and enjoys listening to his opinions on trending matters, be sure to subscribe to his podcast channel!

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