Singapore’s First Sky Lantern Festival, Like Taiwan’s Sky Lanterns, To Take Place on 21 Feb 2024


When we were younger, we were all dazzled by the lantern scene in Disney’s Tangled, which was inspired by real-life lantern festivals. 

You’ve probably thought about travelling to Taiwan to experience their famous PingXi Sky Lantern Festival but your wallet may have said no.

Fret not, because there’s a way for you to enjoy the beauty of these lanterns without having to leave Singapore’s borders.

Sky Lantern Festival in Singapore

Singapore’s first Sky Lantern Festival will be held on 21 February 2024 at Palawan Green, Sentosa. 

Similarly to the PingXi Sky Lantern Festival, attendees will be able to write their wishes, hopes, and dreams on lanterns before releasing them into the night sky, forming a gorgeous scene of the lights overhead – a special way to welcome in the New Year.

Image: Singapore Sky Lantern Festival

Event Details

The event kicks off with the Happy Hour Music Festival. From 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, attendees can enjoy the wide variety of food and drinks there while vibing to beats lined up by a guest celebrity DJ. 

Bring some mats or maybe even foldable chairs for you to find a spot and immerse yourself in the music festival.

Be sure to be there by 7:00 pm as there will be a sharing on how to release the lanterns. 

The releasing of lanterns will begin at 7:30 pm, and each batch of lanterns will stay up for 5-10 minutes till the candle subsides.

Image: Singapore Sky Lantern Festival

This romantic moment may be the right time for you to finally ask your crush out. Let the lanterns and mood be your wingman *wink*.

Significance of the Sky Lantern Festival

You’ve probably only seen or heard of the Pingxi Lantern Festival in the last 10-20 years, but this tradition actually dates back many centuries!

During the Qing Dynasty, PingXi was often targeted by bandits due to its affluence. As such, the people of PingXi would hide in nearby mountains.

When it was safe to go back, sky lanterns would be released to signal that the coast was clear.

These sky lanterns became a symbol of hope, and they are now used to send off people’s wishes and dreams to the heavens, manifesting in good things for the New Year. 

Safety Precautions and Environmental Concerns

You’re probably wondering if it’s safe to light up lanterns and release them in a crowded area. 

Well, don’t worry as this event is fully approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).


Each lantern is made of oiled rice paper with bamboo string, making it biodegradable.

The lighted lanterns will be released in five batches, and will remain secured and tethered to the ground via 60-meter long bamboo strings, which will be used to retrieve the lanterns after the candles subside. 

Safety marshalls and fire extinguishers will be on-site in the event of any emergencies, so don’t worry and just have fun!


You can get tickets online for just $50, excluding booking fees. 

Students are entitled to 50% off, and children under seven years old get to enter for free! 


Each ticket comes with a paper lantern and a marker for you to write out your heart’s desire (maybe you could write your confession on the lantern and get your crush to read it). 

Get more information and buy your tickets here.