Singaporean Died After A Lipo Surgery In India. Here’s What You Should Know


We all have one thing on our bodies that we wish we could change.

I mean, if you don’t then you must be perfect lah.

These days, going under the knife is a rite of passage among millennials especially when celebrities are very open about the work that they have done on themselves.


*coughs* *coughs*

I am pro-plastic surgery.

If you have the moolah and you want to do a little nip and tuck, then go for it.

But do it because you want to do it and not because someone else asked you to.

Plastic surgeries might be a norm but whenever you cut yourself open, there is always going to be a medical risk.

It just comes with the territory.

Not to mention, plastic surgeries aren’t cheap. That is why people would fly to neighbouring countries as it is much economical.

But we are talking about our bodies, we wouldn’t want to end up with a botched surgery done by some quack doctor.

Maybe this story will make you think twice…

According to Channel NewsAsia, 35-year old Singaporean, Alicia Medanin Khan died of cardiac arrest after undergoing liposuction surgery in a Chennai hospital on 9 Nov.

She weighed 85 kg and she had elected to undergo this surgery at S R Multi Specialty Hospital in Arumbakkam, in hopes to lose weight and be fitter, reported Times of India.

What happened

After the surgery, she was admitted to ICU and her husband, Vijayakumar, was allegedly not allowed to see her after the surgery as instructed by the doctors.

He was also informed that the doctors needed to monitor her for 24 hours before declaring the surgery was a success.


Unfortunately, she passed away in the wee hours of the morning due to a cardiac arrest.


What did the hospital say?

The hospital authorities mentioned that they completed the surgery at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday and she was shifted to the post-surgery ward under the surveillance of medical officers.

“After almost six hours she died of cardiac arrest,” they added.


What did the husband do?

Vijayakmar was not having any of it and he made a police report against the hospital’s management and doctors for not informing him about his wife’s condition before and after her surgery.


Current situation

As of writing time, the police have classified the case as unnatural death for now.

The investigating officer mentioned that if the autopsy report confirms death due to medical negligence, then they will alter the case and include the doctors and management.


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