S’porean Singlehandedly Create A Game With Immersive Storyline In Three Years


Take a look at this Singaporean game:

Most people being honest will say that the graphics look bad. Or if you like PlayStation era graphics, retro.

Image: Imgur (Art by paithagoras)

There Is No Tomorrow is a narrative-driven survival horror game developed by Singapore-based Koex Studios. But really, the most interesting part of this story is that this project is entirely developed by just one dude, Choo Bin Yong.

Took Two To Three Years To Develop

Image: Steam

Choo, in an interview with IGN Southeast Asia, said that creating a 3D game was always his dream.

Most people who consider themselves gamers know that games can take years and hundreds of employees to develop, so making one in the span of two to three years alone is no mean feat given the many challenges.

Choo said it was difficult to find people with the same level of passion and drive as he did, which was why he decided to develop the game alone.

As he studied animation, he had little to no knowledge of game design (a hurdle which led to some game-breaking bugs) and marketing the game proved to be difficult.


Financial constraints were another problem. The game had already been delayed for a year, and he felt that the game could still be better, but he decided to release the game as is.

Survival Horror, Choose Stealth Or Action, Multiple Endings

In the survival horror game, Leon travels to the future where humans are at the brink of extinction and the world is populated by mysterious creatures known as “RA”. You have to find your way back to your original timeline, choosing Stealth or Action approaches in your journey while aided by a talking doll companion.

Image: Steam

I know that you’re thinking about Resident Evil when there’s a Leon and survival horror. Choo says this is a coincidence in a Reddit thread.

In fact, the game is more inspired by The Last of Us, and the main character Leon is influenced by the anime series Code Geass.

For the most part, gameplay seems similar enough to The Last of Us, and you can “listen” and “see” enemies through walls and obstacles similar to The Last of Us‘s listen mode.

Image: Steam

One thing that’s unique is the ability to transmogrify into your doll companion, which is a mechanic useful in various puzzles requiring creative thinking throughout the game.

The game also allows you to choose your own endings with your own actions and choices as you meet friends and enemies along the way.

Image: Steam

Game Is Already Out, And There’s 15% Off Until 22 Jan 2020

It isn’t easy doing anything by yourself, especially for a big project like this.

There are bugs and several issues with the game, such as with the visibility in certain areas, but it seems like we will see updates and patches in the future.

Those wanting to support endeavours like this should definitely consider trying the game, or check out his Patreon page. You can buy the game on Steam now, and there’s a promotional discount of 15% until 22 Jan 2020.

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