S’porean Charged with Murder in the UK for Allegedly Killing His Wife There

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Before the detection of the Omicron variant, more and more countries had begun to open up their borders to visitors.

This allowed us to finally take those trips we’d been putting off for nearly two years.

Two such travellers – married Singaporeans Madam Pek Ying Ling and Fong Soong Hert, took a trip to Britain recently.

But those who know the couple could not have foreseen what would happen next.

S’porean Charged with Murder in the UK for Allegedly Killing His Wife There

At around 7:15am on Monday (7 Dec), the police received a call for assistance at a luxury apartment in Newcastle.

The apartment was at the County Aparthotel, a facility that offers 18 luxury serviced apartments.

When officers and emergency services arrived, they found that a 51-year-old woman—Mdm Pek—was not breathing in the Westgate Road apartment.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers believe that her husband—Fong—had murdered the woman, and arrested him for his suspected involvement.

He was later charged with murder and is expected to stand trial at the Newcastle Crown Court on 7 Jan next year.

Married for 27 Years

The couple had reportedly been married for more than 27 years.

They have a registered address at a condominium in Marine Vista.

Mdm Pek was the director of events management company Epic Times, while Fong is listed as its secretary.

Fong is also the director of three other similar companies, namely Evolution Werks, Knowledge Connection, and Marque Ventures.

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69YO Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment For Stabbing Ex-Wife to Death

Just two months ago, a 69-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing his wife to death.

The fatal attack took place in a carpark at the Institute of Technical Education College Central campus three years ago.


The couple—Seet Cher Hng and Low Hwee Geok—had been married for 18 years from 2003 to 2011, before getting divorced.

Seet was angered by the fact that he did not get a fair cut of the sales of a condominium unit in Corporation Road that they had purchased together.

From 2011 until the year she died, Ms Low received several demands via emails for sums ranging from $200,000 to $500,000 as compensation.

Ms Low did not respond, which only incensed Seet further. He also blamed her alleged infidelity for their marriage ending.

Things came to a head on 19 July, 2018, when Seet went down to a carpark at the ITE campus armed with three knives.

Ms Low panicked when she saw him and tried to get away, but Seet managed to get a hold of her and stabbed her multiple times. He then stabbed himself 13 times and collapsed on top of her.


When passers-by came to investigate the commotion, Seet said: “Let me die, don’t save me.”

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