S’porean Tourist Robbed of $1,700 & 3 Credit Cards in BKK By 3 Vietnamese

You’ve probably heard advice from other people to keep your valuables and belongings safely near you whenever you go overseas.

But most people probably wouldn’t think or worry about being robbed by tourists.

However, it seems like that’s still something that we should probably take note of when we go overseas next time, because that’s exactly what a poor Singaporean experienced while she was overseas in Thailand.

Vietnamese Robbers Robbed Singaporean Tourist in Thailand

On 20 September, The Nation Thailand announced that a Singaporean tourist had been robbed in Thailand earlier this month on 3 September by two men and a woman.

In particular, the tourist, who was identified as Holai Fung Elisie, ended up losing 40,000THB (approximately S$1,7000) and three of her credit cards after her bag was taken by the robbers.

Based on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, the three robbers began to approach their victim outside the Erawan Shrine, which is a popular destination in Bangkok. They were wearing masks, bucket caps and hats, most likely to hide their identities.

The tourist, who was pushing a stroller, saw the female pickpocket extend her hand towards her, which prompted the other robbers to disperse in order to prevent being detected.

The robbery then occurred when the three pickpockets closed on in her and fled with her bag when the victim stopped at a booth to ask for directions.

Two Suspects Have Been Nabbed, Another Still at Large

According to a press conference held by Metropolitan Police commissioner Pol Lt-General Samrarn Nuanma and Lumpini Police Station chief Pol Colonel Nimit Nuphonethong on Tuesday (20 September), two of the suspects have since been caught, and that both suspects are from Vietnam.

Nguy Van Cong, a 42-year-old Vietnamese man, and Do Thi Kim Hoa, a 55-year-old Vietnamese female were arrested by the Thai police.

Currently, the last suspect, a 32-year-old man, is still at large.

Based on the press conference, the last suspect has apparently fled Thailand.

The police also revealed that the arrested suspects do not have any previous criminal records in Thailand.

How Suspects Were Caught

After filing a police report at 11.30am after the incident, the Thai police began investigations and were able to identify the three suspects.

It was also revealed that police officers found the female suspects at a hotel at Soi Indhamara 49, around 8km from the tourist site.

On the other hand, the male suspect was arrested at a border checkpoint in Pong Nam Ron district Chanthaburi province right before he attempted to leave Thailand.

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However, both suspects pleaded innocent even though their acts were captured in the CCTV footage.

Apart from that, authorities also found out that one of the thieves used the victim’s credit card to make online purchases.

They were subsequently charged with collaborating to steal another person’s belongings and for using another person’s electronic cards.

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Featured Image: The Nation Thailand