The single most, important thing you have to do to achieve success in life, and most of us can’t do it


I don’t think I’ve met anyone who never aspired to be successful in their life. Each one of us long for greatness and success one way or another, be it in our career, family, marriage, business and the list just goes on.

One of the most obvious things we need to do to achieve great success is to work hard but then again, hard work means nothing if you lack this one important thing.

And sadly, most of us lack the ability to possess this one thing, and more often than not, regrettably, that’s the one difference between someone who made it big in life, and someone who didn’t.

Being Contented
Most of us can’t do it because we’re contented, especially those from the strawberry and durian generation. We can’t step out of our comfort zone because we’re practically just fine where we are in our present life.

I think the right term to use here is simply ‘content’. But you ask, isn’t being contented a good thing? Well, in this context, being just contented is actually a dangerous thing because you tend to limit yourself even though you have incredible potential.

You can actually go further in life but you would rather not, so you stick with that ‘okay’ paying job in the same old company for 10 years, the ‘so-so’ kind of routine life, that one degree you hold, in the same city you have lived in since you were born.

Now tell me, does being just ‘contented’ still sound like a harmless thing?

Comfort Zone
Living in your comfort zone is as good as being sentenced to life in prison if you ask me.


You imprison yourself by underestimating what you’re capable of achieving and the fear of taking risks in your life so you trick yourself into believing that you are satisfied with whatever you have achieved and have so far.

However, unlike life imprisonment, comfort zones are within your control, so good news!

All you need to do is ask yourself if you’re really happy where you are in life at the moment. No? And do you believe you have yet to achieve far greater success in life? Yes? Then it’s time to rid yourself of everything that’s been holding you back.

Nothing is going to change in your life unless you start making that change yourself.

So guys, let’s not be the generation that’s dubbed as the ‘just contented’ generation or the generation that’s afraid of stepping out of our comfort zones. You deserve great success in life so don’t let yourself stop YOU from achieving great things! Believe.

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