SingPost Lost Buyer’s Item That Cost $1,500 & Only Offer to Refund $150

I know what you must be thinking right now.

SingPost. AGAIN.


In the last few months, Singapore’s postal service company has been embroiled in hot controversy regarding their incompetence in delivery services, from postmen anyhowly throwing collection slips at people’s doors to throwing undelivered letters in a rubbish bin.

Of course, many Singaporeans are enraged over these crazy incidents and more, for SingPost is notorious for not being able to deliver parcels to the recipient properly or handling any of these situations well.

Every time SingPost gets into a big scandal, they’ll say the same thing, just like clockwork: they’ll work on doing better next time and improving their services. As the saying goes, actions are more important than words, and SingPost fails to deliver yet again (as usual.)

Lost Parcel

I’m writing this post to call out Singapore Post and how absolutely disgraceful, dishonest this company operates.On…

Posted by Fatah Kent on Monday, 27 May 2019

Fatah Kent was one of the countless victims who had their parcel lost by SingPost, and after pointless back and forth exchanges with them, she finally decided to take it to social media and wrote a complaint on Facebook to call out SingPost for their incompetence.

In case you’re lazy to read the entire long post, here’s a summary for you:

Fatah claimed that she had purchased something from Australia worth AUD $1551.57, or $1480.51 SGD, and it never arrived even after the seller shipped out her parcel on 30 April.

Image: Facebook/Fatah Kent

According to the SingPost Tracking service, her parcel had arrived in Singapore with SingPost on 2 May at 6:38 am but on the same day at 12:04 pm, the status had changed to “Unsuccessful Delivery. Identification document not ready.”

SingPost then told her that “it was a mishap on their end and no attempted delivery was made.”

After calling them, she was told to wait for three days for an update, but no update was given when she called again, and again, and again after days had passed until they told her to get compensation from the seller instead.

It Was Actually Lost

SingPost finally says that the item was lost at the processing facility but refused to fully compensate her for the price of the item for they could only offer compensation to the sender / seller, according to “rules”.

After a few days more of going back and forth with different supervisors who said the same thing, they agreed to compensate her as an exception – but they could only give her $150 SGD, the maximum fee.

Whaaaat? Can like that one meh?


That’s about only 10% of the amount she forked out for the item, by the way.

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Needless to say, Fatah was mad about SingPost’s mistake in what she called “daylight robbery”, and chose to escalate the situation to get a full refund as well as let everyone know about how horrible SingPost really is.

Sympathising Comments

And of course, the post caught the attention of Singaporeans with 569 shares and 444 comments so far, because there’s nothing better we love to do than bash SingPost.

Netizens have taken to the comments section to share their own bad experiences with SingPost as well, sympathising with Fatah.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

In fact, even members of their own staff have stepped forward to tell Fatah the cold hard truth that this is just how SingPost runs.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Some even made explosive jokes to lighten the situation and mock SingPost, to which Fatah joined in as well.

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Image: Facebook

Other commenters suggested things that she should do based on their own personal experiences, like bringing IMDA into this or filing for a Small Tribunal Claim.

The Blame Game

Many speculate that Fatah’s parcel was stolen by someone in the processing facility, as it has happened before with many cases of missing parcels. Some blame SingPost’s customer service centre, which is based in India, for its inefficiency.


This is one of those times where Singaporeans unite to fight against a greater evil.

Hot Soup

Looks like SingPost is in hot soup – they’re this close to getting burned down by angry Singaporeans, regardless of whether or not they had once lost their items under SingPost’s care.

Some online shops don’t provide any other alternative shipping services after all.

There’s no telling if Fatah will ever get her parcel (probably not), or a full refund, or what SingPost will do to remedy the bad PR situation.

So we’ll just have to wait for SingPost to say, yet again, that they will do better next time.


Something’s gotta change for the future of our mails, man.

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