Man Curses SingPost Employees, Wants Them To Get Coronavirus; High-Level SingPost Exec Responds ‘Beautifully’

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Singpost’s track record in delivering parcels hasn’t been the best in recent years.

So it’s no wonder that there are many Singaporeans who are frustrated with Singapore’s national postal service.


But frustrated enough to go on Facebook, a public domain, and say he wishes that they get the Wuhan coronavirus?

Image: Memegen

Yes, it happened.

Angry Singaporean Took To Facebook To Curse SingPost Employees

On 30 Jan 2020, a man went to SingPost’s Facebook page and cursed at them.

Image: Facebook screengrab / Winston Tay

Apparently, he had failed to receive a parcel on three separate occasions, even after re-arranging the deliveries.

In his anger, he said he wished that SingPost staff gets infected with the Wuhan coronavirus or die on the road.

He ended off with a fiery hashtagged asking them to go to hell.

High-Level SingPost Exec Responds

Image: Singapore Post

SingPost’s Group Chief Brand & Communications Officer Robin Goh was the one to respond to the comment.


And, oh boy, did he respond.

Image: Facebook screengrab / Winston Tay

He started off nicely, saying that he has conducted an investigation into his claims.

The Delivery Was Actually Successful

Robin went on to clarify that while the first and second deliveries weren’t successful because of “condo-security” issues, the third delivery was successful.

Image: Facebook screengrab / Winston Tay

But he did not stop there.

The Burn, Oh, The Burn

He went on to school the man into showing some empathy.

He emphasised that even SingPost staff has families and loved ones, and they do not “deserve such condemnation”.

Image: Facebook screengrab / Winston Tay

He added that the man clearly “lack” good spirits.

And before he ended off the message, he couldn’t resist telling the man about the grammar mistake in his first post.

“Oh, and it’s ‘staff’. Not ‘staffs’.

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Image: Tenor

Man Delete Comment, FB and IG Profiles

According to Winston Tay, the former community manager who was keeping track of the entire debacle, the commenter has deleted his comment.

In fact, he had gone on to delete his Facebook and Instagram profile and made an apology as well.

He wanted to take this chance to remind all Singaporeans that for every feedback, whether good or bad, there is always someone HUMAN receiving them.


He urges Singaporeans to practise kindness and courtesy when giving feedback to service personnel.

“No matter whether they are postmen, healthcare workers or social media managers.”