Sleeping with Wet Hair Will Cause Health Issues: True Or False?


Last Updated on 2022-08-03 , 1:28 pm

You just reached home at 1:00 a.m. after attending your best friend’s wedding and you are feeling so exhausted, but you still have to wash off all the hairspray and gel that created your perfect hair look of the night.

What’s worse, you have to dry your hair before you can sleep.

Wait…or do you have to?

What is the reason behind not sleeping with wet hair? Well, your mother said so…All of us have probably gotten a good half an hour of nagging when we were young for going to bed in our dripping sexy hair.

“Don’t come to me if you get a headache tomorrow,” one mother says.

“You still need to go to school even if you catch a cold!” another warned.

“If the fungus grows on your hair, I’ll shave it all off,” they threaten.

But really, are these mere myths or are they actually truths backed by scientific facts?

In all honesty, there are no scientific evidence to back any, not even one, of those claims your great grandmother passed down to your grandmother to your mother to you.

Debunking With Science

Number 1, you don’t get headaches from wet hair. After your hair gets all drenched from the rain, do you get headaches? Or do you get headaches by letting your hair dry naturally after a shower? Definitely not. So, what makes you thinks that sleeping on a dry pillow with wet hair causes a headache? There is no scientific link between the two at all.


Number 2, you will fall sick, probably a cold or the flu. Well, here are the hard facts about catching a cold. Flu is caused by viruses and there are more than 200 different kinds of viruses that can cause them. And not one of them is a virus that arises from wet hair or sleeping with wet hair. Where’s the link?

Number 3, your hair will be filled with disgusting fungus and your scalp will rot. Come on, I’m sure many of us have slept with wet hair again and again. Then, where’s the fungus? Scalp fungus are more commonly associated with children because they have weaker immune systems then adults and as such, make them run the higher risk of any skin infections.

Scalp infections also do not happen just because you slept with wet hair. They happen if you come into contact with infected sources like people who already have infections, animals and hair tools that have come into contact with infections.

Yes, there is totally nothing wrong with sleeping with wet hair.

In fact, if it makes your life easier, feel free to do so. Get a good night’s sleep!

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