Sleeping Woman’s Hand Bitten By Cockroaches As She Didn’t Wash Her Hands After Eating

Image: ETtoday, YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / (Image for illustration purpose only)

My boyfriend told me earlier today that his mom had just tasked him with exterminating all the cockroaches in the house.

Image: When In Manila

At that moment, I knew I had found the one because only the chosen few among us are brave enough to battle the beast: aka flying cockroaches.

Image: tenor

As if on cue, a cockroach article landed on my lap, and here we are.

Sleeping Woman’s Hand Bitten By Cockroaches As She Didn’t Wash Her Hands After Eating

One thing’s for sure: Cockroaches are the enemy. Unless you’re from China, then cockroaches are probably food.

But for most of us, they’re the monsters that lurk under your bed and in your cupboards. And like the monsters in our stories, they tend to only come out at night.

But how do they find us and what exactly are they attracted to you ask?

Food of course. This woman will know since her hand was bitten by cockroaches. While. She. Was. Sleeping.

Image: Pinterest

According to ETtoday, the woman went to bed and took some sleeping pills, which is why she did not feel the cockroaches having a feast biting her.

To her horror, she woke up and realised that her right hand was full of bite marks.

Image: ETtoday

The story does not end here. She later realised that she was the only one in her family who was bitten by the cockroach.

She sought medical treatment at the clinic, and the doctor told her that her hand was probably bitten by the cockroach because it had food substances on it.

For those who are unaware, cockroaches are omnivores and will feed on sweet things, meats and starches.

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However, they are also attracted to unhygienic places… like your dirty, unwashed hand after one too many midnight snackies.

So beware my dear reader, for if you don’t wash your hand after munching, cockroaches might nibble and bite your hands while you sleep at night.

This is officially the scariest thing I’ve written, so let us all take a page from this book and wash our hands and practice good personal hygiene.