S’pore-Registered Car Got Smashed With Bag Stolen in JB Mall

Cars seem to be the biggest victim this week, what with the accidents, malfunctions, and now blatant robbery. 

Last Saturday (23 Jul) a woman had driven her black Volkswagen Scirocco to a mall in Johor Bahru for a night out with her boyfriend.

However, the date ended on a bad note when she returned her vehicle to find that the window next to the co-pilot seat had been smashed and her bag was stolen.

The incident, reported by 8World News, happened around 8pm that night.

What Happened?

According to the victim, she had driven her car to an undisclosed mall in Johor Bahru and parked her car near the second level entrance to the carpark.

When she and her boyfriend returned to the vehicle after an hour of shopping, they discovered the window of the two-door coupe had been smashed, with glass fragments scattered all over the shotgun seat and the car interiors. 

There was also a security guard standing beside the vehicle.

Apparently, the security guard came face-to-face with the culprit as they were committing the crime, and the security guard was kicked away and told to “mind his own business” when he tried to intervene. 

The car’s dash cam has allegedly captured the suspect’s appearance.

Keep Your Passports Safe

In total, the woman said that she lost roughly $200 in cash, and spent $400 to replace the damaged window.

Thankfully, she kept her passport and identification card in a separate bag, so only the other bag she had left in the car was stolen.

If she lost her passport in Malaysia, she would genuinely be at a loss as to what she should do. It’s not like she can cross the land borders illegally like the luxury scam couple.

Subsequently, she reminds other motorists to keep their valuables on their person whenever they’re out and about in Johor. Never put your bags inside the car, especially your passports.

Her bag had been stored inside the car compartment, and it was not at all visible from the outside. The suspect must have shattered the window, opened the compartment, then stole away with the money and the bag.

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A Worrying Reaction

The woman also stated that she reported the crime to the Malaysian police and had her statement taken.

However, she sounded less than pleased with the process.

From her description, the Malaysian police sounded like they were just going through the motions of filing her police report.

“If they consistently give the impression that these incidents happening in Malaysia are commonplace and ignore it, then this kind of behaviour will only worsen and multiply. Public safety will never improve at this rate.”

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Featured Image: 8World News