Snake Spirit Boy has been captured without makeup, and he actually looks decent


And so, another article about the Snake Spirit Boy.

But this time, photos of the individual who has hurled countless of meaningless insults at Singaporeans have resurfaced once again, this time sans makeup but somehow, he still looks pretty…. decent?

Well, the word decent may be subjective, but what we mean here is he doesn’t look as plasticized as those in all the photos that he uploaded on his own social media account. It’s like heaven and earth, literally.

It could be due to the angle of the shot, or those photos might have gone through a rampage of Photoshop editing. I mean, I don’t think make up can do that much “wonder”, right?

Either that or I have been doing mine all wrong.


For those who might not know who he is, well, the widely acclaimed model from Beijing, or Snake Spirit Boy as netizens call him, first shot to fame when nude photos of himself lying on a pile of cash went viral.

Never mind about that. What really angered netizens the most was when he turned his sights on Singapore, and wrote a note to Singaporeans. He said that while he might not understand English, he is still of a higher class than Singaporeans. He declared that he look down on Singaporeans because they don’t even know how to speak their mother tongue.

The alleged model also claimed that those who hated on his nude shots were jealous of his physical attributes, and that those were “works of art” which drove netizens further into flapping frenzy.


So, what say you? We have three different pictures of the Snake Spirit boy in this article, which do you think is the most decent looking?

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