Snapchat Captured Something So Ghastly, The Internet Scream

Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook have been abuzz on something that’s truly scary. The kind of scary that you want to roll up in bed with the doors locked and not step out of your room for days. We all know how Snapchat works. You’d be able to share live recordings online, and it’s just perfect for me.

Let me explain how it works just in case. The filters capture your face and allow you to add effects to it that’s pretty funny to pass around.

Now back to the scary story. A Japanese girl used Snapchat while working on a night round, and her video picked up way more than she had bargained. @mittyaro_ posted a very creepy recording on her Snapchat account that’s gone viral right now.

She was on her night shift when the call button from the bathroom rang. There was no one else in the office except her. She decided to go and take a look. As she felt it was a bit creepy, she decided to record the entire investigation.

Her Snapchat filter was set to the doggie filter. She probably was halfway through snapping and continued with it.

In her video, there’s no one visible at the premises. BUT the camera did detect something, as the dog filter came on the screen to snap someone.

To top it off, the dog filter’s tongue kept on appearing on and off. Some rumors have said that whatever was being captured was probably moving its mouth, hence the movement of the dog’s tongue.

season 2 nickelodeon scared frightened are you afraid of the dark

My skin is creeping up just reading about this.

There has also been another instance on Snapchat where a girl was snapping a photo with her nephew, and there was a ghost in the form of a girl in a purple dress.

The lady appeared with her hands folded on her knees behind them. Where did this take place? In Northern Ireland.

mtv scared scary the challenge rivals iii

It seems like scary instances are coming onto our social spots too. It’s time to stay sane and stick to using Snapchat during the day. Hopefully, nothing comes on your stream or mine while we record ourselves being silly and having fun.

Because an extra filter could ruin more than just the picture. It could scare the shit out of you. And I don’t know about you, but that’s what I don’t need right now.

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