Some Experts Say Hot Weather Might End the Wuhan Virus Outbreak

For the first time ever, people are going to wish for hot weather.

Because according to some experts, that is what could end the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Wuhan Coronavirus Very Similar To Common Flu

According to Dr Jyoti Somani and Professor Paul Tambyah, whom CNA spoke to, the novel coronavirus pneumonia may be similar to influenza (the flu) and the SARS virus.

The Wuhan coronavirus is spread by large droplets of saliva or phlegm from one person to another.

Other than coughs and sneezes, a person who touches an infected surface and then touches his face might also be infected with the coronavirus.

If you think it sounds familiar, that’s because it is; that’s how influenza spreads as well.

“Wait For May 2020”

Now, if the Wuhan coronavirus is similar to influenza or SARS virus, that means the virus outbreak might subside by May 2020.

In China, the flu season typically starts in December, peaks in February and gradually subside after until May.

During the flu season, the colder and dryer air allows respiratory droplets to travel further. People also tend to stay indoors more due to colder winters, staying in close contact with others and increasing the spread of the virus.

Also, it was found that a “regular” coronavirus for the common cold on surfaces can survive 30 times longer in colder places (around 6 degrees Celsius) than in warm and humid temperatures.

They believe that the situation will improve after May 2020.

That’s when the sun comes out more often and temperatures start rising.

Back in 2003, the SARS outbreak ended during the northern summer and didn’t make a significant reappearance since.

Wait, Isn’t S’pore Hot & Humid?

Scientists from Hong Kong University (HKU) found that low temperatures and low relative humidity allowed the SARS virus to survive much longer than they should.

Which is why hot and humid Southeast Asian countries did not suffer through the SARS outbreaks.

So why did Singapore suffer one?

According to the team, it could be because of our “intensive use of air-conditioning”.

Which makes sense, when you think about it.

We often use the air-conditioners to escape the dreadful Singapore heat. And in order to do that, we have to stay indoors.

It doesn’t help that most of us are office workers, which means we work in comfortable, air-conditioned environments in close contact with colleagues.

So What Can We Do?

Well, you’ve heard about how the Wuhan coronavirus is really similar to influenza. And you’ve also read about how the coronavirus is spread from people to people.

So here are a couple of suggestions that might help alleviate the outbreak here in Singapore while we wait for China to warm up.

  • If you’re unwell, coughing, sneezing, or otherwise, wear a face mask. Be responsible, yeah?
  • If you’re not unwell, wearing a face mask is optional. In fact, an expert recommends that you don’t do it.
  • And wash your hands with soap carefully throughout the day, especially after you poop. Avoid touching your face with your hand even if you have a pimple you really want to pop.

Exercise more care because the coronavirus situation here in Singapore has worsened.

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