Someone Allegedly Snatched a Blind Lady’s Bag of Money in Yishun MRT Underpass



I’ve written quite a few articles here already, and I swear that Yishun always pops up someway or another.

And why might that be? Well, maybe it’s because weird things happen in Yishun all the time.

Like this latest incident.

Robbed At Underpass

On 30 April 2019, 7:20 pm, at the underpass in Yishun MRT heading towards Northpoint, a blind lady was allegedly robbed.

And if you’re familiar with the place, you’d know that that area is often very crowded.

From the Facebook post made by a netizen, it seems like the blind lady was selling packets of tissue paper.

Another lady allegedly snatched her whole day’s worth of collection from the sales and ran off.

Someone even got a picture of her.

In the Facebook post, the netizen says “A lot of us saw a lady chasing the thief but the thief got away. This is the pic of the thief, taken by the lady who chased her and she shared to us when she came back to the scene where the blind lady was sitting.”

Why didn’t anyone else do anything? Maybe the place was crowded, or the lady in the picture wasn’t the actual thief. Or people were not bothered by the fact that someone was chasing this alleged thief.

We wouldn’t know what really went down since no one has been arrested, or have any actual witnesses yet.

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Other Yishun Robberies

Yishun is famous for its weird shenanigans.

Cat killer, creepy uncle asking for your kids and numerous suicides and murders. Over the years, there have also been a fair amount of robbery cases that took place within Yishun.

On 9 April, a 20-year old pleaded guilty for a robbery in Punggol. But this guy also did some other things in Yishun.

Rishi Christopher followed his victim into the lift, where he then later punched her right eye and tried to choke her while she was on the phone. He pulled at her handbag but to no avail, and used everything she could in her self defence.

She even used a foldable umbrella in an attempt to hit him with it. He quickly grabbed her keys and fled, but was soon caught after her neighbour filed a police report.

Image: Know Your Meme

This incident happened at a block in Yishun. The day before his robbery in Punggol, he stole an e-scooter from ChinHong Heng bicycle shop in Yishun.

Image: Giphy

Even An Armed Robbery

In June 2017, a 16-year old male was arrested for an armed robbery case which took place at Yishun Avenue 5. He was suspected to have robbed a 7-eleven outlet in Chong Pang at around 10.55 pm.

An estimated $230 was stolen and a 22-year old employee was present during the robbery.

But was that $230 really worth five to twenty years in jail and at least 12 strokes of the cane? Didn’t think so.

Image: giphy

A Robbery That Ended Badly

In November 2018, a 25-year old man fell to his death in Yishun after allegedly breaking into his friend’s house to steal up to $7,000 worth of items.

He was believed to have been looting through the kitchen window when he ultimately fell to his death. And apparently, he was close to his friend’s family and even went over multiple times to play with his children.

But on some occasions, his friend, Lim, would find money missing from his wallet after he visited. Somehow he managed to piece one and two together and eventually distanced himself from the man. Yikes.

Hopefully, someone catches the alleged thief of the recent robbery soon.

But on a serious note, robberies happen everywhere in Singapore, not just in Yishun.

So don’t go and think you’re safe anywhere else, eh?