Someone Drew $1K from an ATM in Admiralty & Forgot to Take the Money

Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page

Before my colleague officially passed this article topic to me, he asked me a very serious question:

“If someone drew $1,000 from an ATM and forgot to take it, what would you do?”

Straight off the bat, I felt like one of those unaware patrons on the Reality TV show ‘What Would You Do?’, and my heart pumped fast as I struggled to think of an answer.

On one hand, I know I’ll definitely be tempted to take it. Who wouldn’t? It’s $1,000, $1,000 for goodness sake. With it, I could do so much stuff, like purchase 500 packets of chicken breast, or buy a homeless guy a $2 packet of chicken rice. I could do so much.

And then, on the other hand, it’s the good old moral question: what if I get caught? I wouldn’t know how to face my loved ones. I will be handcuffed. Prison food will suck. I will start wishing for combat rations.

Oh, the horror.

Just as I was about to foam at the mouth because of all my indecisiveness, my colleague cut me short and passed me my topic.

“Be like this guy,” he said, in a tone that sounded all too wise and deep.


And as I shakily took the piece of paper from him, I proceeded to read it. And when I’m done with it, I was left ashamed at myself.

For this guy did what Peter Chow would probably have done:

Do the right thing.

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Good money, an even better man

Just yesterday (2 December), Facebook user Jackson Lee posted three photos to group 新柔交通路况情报站, alongside a caption that reads:

Image: Jackson Lee Facebook Page

“各位有谁在11月29号9pm 左右在admiralty MRT 按了SGD1000钱忘记拿,钱是我拿了,钱可以去YISHUN 的警察局拿回,(记得带你们按了钱的receipt)”


“Guys, is there anyone who withdrew SGD 1000 and forgot about it, on 29 Nov at Admiralty MRT, at around 9:00 p.m.? I’ve retrieved the money. You can head to Yishun’s Police Station to collect it (remember to bring the withdrawal receipt with you).”

Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page
Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page
Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page
Image: Giphy

Netizens react

Unsurprisingly, Netizens were full of praise for Mr Lee’s gesture.

Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page

In fact, I reckon if this was Rotten Tomatoes it would’ve gotten a 98% approval rating.

Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page

Though one was wise enough to interject a smart sentiment in his appraisal.

Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page

Which makes so much sense I’ve decided to increase the size of the text. Manually.

“If you know the time and date check with the bank. The should know which account and inform it’s client. Otherwise if the owner never read FB than no one claim it. Pls go to the bank with this police report so that the owner and get the money back. You are a good Samaritan. God blessed you 🙏👍😇”

But at the end of the line

It’s suggested that it’s because of Singapore’s strict laws, and the notion that there are actually CCTVs installed in ATMs, that such acts of kindness arise. As one Facebook user reminded us, the situation could’ve been very different in Malaysia, where laws and guidelines slightly vary.

Image: 新柔交通路况情报站 Facebook Page

Rough translation:

If this was in Malaysia the money would’ve been taken; calling the cops wouldn’t work. Singapore has CCTV cameras and implements stricter rules, so we don’t dare to take it and instead can report to the police or face the consequences.

I have experience in Malaysia: when I was outside the bank, I rushed in to check the CCTV and he (I’m assuming the cop on duty) said that he can see the person but can’t catch.

Well, I guess even if Singapore isn’t actually the almost perfect country

It sure got this aspect right.

Image: Fallout Wiki – Fandom

Oh, shit. Is this from Ang Mo Kio or what?

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