Someone dug out Song Joong-ki ex-girlfriend’s image, and everything went ugly from there and then…

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Well, first, the good news for all fangirls out there: Song Joong-ki appears to be single at this moment. Last year, when he was discharged from the army, journalists asked him whether any female girl group motivated him during his training, and he wittily said that it was Lee Kwang-soo who gave him strength—in other words, admitting that he was single (or so that’s what I interpreted).

Just recently, when told to address the rumours that he and co-star in Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-kyo are dating, he said that the rumours were untrue, and told viewers that maybe people have this misconception due to the popularity of the drama.

So, if oppa Song Joong-ki is single…then does he have a girlfriend before?

Well, of course. According to an interview six years ago, he had been in three relationships, each lasting for at least two years, with one lasting for six years.

And recently, netizens have dug out images of him and his ex-girlfriend.


It was unknown how this image was found, but according to several reports, people were criticizing the woman with harsh words, primarily her looks. The uncensored version of the image has since been removed and could no longer be found on the Internet.

Well, I was inclined to think that it would get uglier, with fangirls maybe even stalking the ex-girlfriend, but it turned out that the Internet has matured.

If you go to any website that reported about this, most comments are not about fangirls criticizing the ex-girlfriend. Instead, they were all annoyed that this was exposed, and that people should give Song Joong-ki some privacy.


It seems like fangirls nowadays are still objective, and the Internet is still a safe place to be in after all!