For $1.50, Someone Will Help You Send Happy Birthday Message at 12am Sharp


Every time it’s someone’s birthday, their friends would always post Instagram stories congratulating them.

A few would get a long birthday paragraph at 12am.

Wished that was you?

Too bad.

Actually, if you’re really desperate, one seller on Carousell is selling Happy Birthday messages at 12am sharp for $1.50.

You can even customise and add words to the message to make it sound more unique.

But that’s not all.

Image: Carousell

The seller is also selling any text messages for $1 to $10, depending on the number of words.

I guess that’d be great for pranks and jokes or maybe when you need an encouraging message.

And if you’ve just broken up and are missing that daily morning or night text, the seller has got you, too.

For just $1, you can also receive “Good Morning” or “Good Night” texts from them.


So far, it doesn’t seem like anyone has purchased these text messages but the listings were uploaded quite recently so we can’t say for sure yet.

Not The Only Person Selling Interesting Things

Apparently, there are others selling similar things on Carousell.

In fact, one other seller is also selling “Good Morning” and “Good Night” texts at just $0.50.

Image: Carousell

Perhaps there’s a market for this.

If you want to scam your social media followers that you had an amazing beach party for your birthday, this other seller can help you too.

For $55, you can get a 21st birthday video at Sentosa Siloso Beach.

Image: Carousell

But once again, it doesn’t seem like anyone has bought from these listings.


Even though it may seem legit some sellers might be doing it as a scam so pay at your own risk.

Those found guilty of cheating others are liable to a fine or imprisonment for up to 3 years, or both.


Wait, what?

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