Floor Lamp in Crystal Jade at VivoCity Fell Beside Diners, Injuring Them


A man was paying for his bill at the restaurant when the floor lamp suddenly fell, and the resulting glass shards flew up and grazed his hand.

The incident happened on 29 September, at around 2:35pm.

Dr Deng, 41, and his 55-year-old brother were dining at Vivocity’s Crystal Jade Pavilion when his older brother was hurt by glass shards from a fallen floor lamp.

Deng told Shin Min Daily News that while they were waiting for the bill, a tall and heavy floor lamp at the side suddenly fell down.

He recounted that the floor lamp was a few metres away from his own shoulder and his older brother’s face.

“Fortunately, it didn’t directly hit [us], or else the consequences would have been disastrous,” said Deng.

Due to how quickly it occurred, Deng and his brother did not manage to react in time. The floor lamp hit his brother’s arm on its way down and the glass shards grazed his brother’s hand.

According to the photograph provided by Deng, the dining table and the surrounding area were strewn with broken glass.

Image: zaobao.com.sg

The brothers also found shards in their shoes later—thank goodness for thick socks—and they had to buy new socks in the end.

Deng added that the restaurant manager gave them a 20% discount as an apology.

However, there was already a 20% discount because the restaurant had just opened.

It was only after they questioned the staff that she became willing to spare them the cost of having to pay for the meal.

Had that not been the case, they would have to pay at least $80.

Restaurant Will Be Taking Precautionary Measures

Deng said that this was his first time visiting this restaurant, but it will also be his last time.

The Crystal Jade Pavilion spokesperson said that they felt sorry for the inconvenience caused and admitted that their staff could have handled the situation better.

The restaurant has taken the appropriate actions to ensure that the quality of their customer service is better.


They have also reached out to the affected customer to apologise to them and follow-up on their possible injuries.

As a precautionary measure, a contractor has been hired to fasten all the floor lamps to the carpet in hopes that it will reassure the customers that their safety and the dining environment are important factors that the restaurant takes into consideration.

Towards this, Deng expressed his dissatisfaction.

After all, if the floor lamp really did smash into them, the injuries would have been fatal. 

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报