Someone Pooped in Long Journey Bus in Malaysia & Even Smeared It On the Window


If you’ve taken a long journey bus ride from Singapore to any part of Malaysia (obviously JB not included), you’d know that you’ve got to follow a few rules before the trip:

  • Don’t drink any water four hours before the trip
  • Don’t eat anything super spicy before the trip
  • Prepare pillows because sleeping is the best way to forget about the nasty stuff in your bladder

Well, it seems like someone from Malaysia didn’t get the memo.

How Long Bus Rides Work

Lest you’ve not taken one before because you’re rich AF who takes SIA to KL, here’s how toilet breaks work in long bus rides.

Usually, for a, say, 4-hour ride to KL, it’ll stop at one or two rest points. The first would definitely be in Yong Peng, whereby almost all buses would take a break there.

A pregnant woman was so annoyed at a noisy baby that she threw a pot of burning mala at the baby. At the worst part of this? She wasn’t charged. Click on the image below to read about this shocking incident:

Image: Mappy Travel

The second is usually at a petrol station or a rest point.

Other than that, the bus won’t stop—but if you’re really on high tide or had mala a few hours before the trip, you’re advised to inform the bus driver, who’d stop at the nearest rest point / petrol station for you to take a dump.

And you need not worry that other passengers would complain: firstly, they didn’t even know you’re the one who caused the delay. And secondly, most of them would be so soundly asleep that they don’t even know the bus has stopped.

Someone Decided That Shitting is Better Than Asking

Unfortunately for bus driver Mohd Huzaidi Husain and his co-driver, a passenger decided that it’s better to shit on the seat than to ask for help.

Husain and his co-driver was driving the bus from Terengganu to Seremban. A check on Google shows that it’s a 5 hours 36 minutes journey; adding all the rest stops, it should be a 6 to 7 hours journey.

After they’ve reached Seremban Bus Terminal, they were in for a shock: there was a very bad smell.

Our hero then went to check all the seats after all the passengers had alighted and he found human faeces on one of them.

Do you know that you’ve to make a new NRIC card when you’re 30 and 55? And that replacing a damaged IC is cheaper than replacing a lost IC? Here’s a video on the ten facts about your NRIC you confirm-plus-chop won’t know about:

Image: Gfycat

There are only two possibilities:

  • The shitter has got holes in his underwear and pants
  • The shitter shat (really got such word) like he was shitting in the toilet

I don’t know which one is worse.

But that’s not all.

For reason only the shitter, who’s a guy in his 30s, would know, he also smeared the smelly poop on the windows and curtains.

Now, there are three possibilities for that:

  • It must have been a super mala that caused such a powderful poop
  • The guy touched his poop and touched everywhere else
  • A passenger thought it was chocolate

I can’t even. Really.

The two drivers had to clean the area and even spray perfume to get rid of the smell.

The moral of the story?

Bus drivers are more than willing to stop for you, because cleaning poop is much tougher than getting home late.

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