Son Calls Dad The ‘Perfect Role Model’ In Touching FB Post

We all have a role model in our lives.

For many of us, it’s a celebrity, like a famous athlete or film star.

But for Ayie Ahbotz, his role model is his father.

And he explained in a Facebook post why that is so.

A Supportive And Responsible Dad

His dad appears to be a cleaner for Nee Soon Town Council, and he started his post off with three words: Don’t Be Ashamed. 

He went on to explain why his father is the one he looks up to the most.

His father isn’t rich but he’ll do whatever it takes to support his kids.

“My dad is a father who supports the children even when he has no money and being his son is like having a permanent armor for the rest of my life. He will do whatever it takes as long as he gets his responsibilities done.”

Image: Facebook (Ayie Ahbotz)

Ayie added that his father doesn’t tell him how to live his life, but shows him “how to live” through his example instead.

Image: Facebook (Ayie Ahbotz)

Treasure The Ones Who Loves You Unconditionally

Oftentimes, our parents are the unsung heroes in our lives. They work hard to give us a good life but receive little recognition for it.

In fact, it’s easy to take them for granted because most of us see them every day.

But, as Ayie poignantly pointed out, we should cherish our loved ones because life can snatch them away from us at any moment.

Image: Facebook (Ayie Ahbotz)
Image: Facebook (Ayie Ahbotz)

We could all learn a thing or two from Ayie. He not only expresses affection for his father but urges all of us to do the same.

And Netizens Agree

Ayie’s post has been shared over 250 times with comments like these:

Image: Facebook (Ayie Ahbotz)
Image: Facebook (Ayie Ahbotz)


It has touched the hearts of many and reminded us to do what came so naturally to us as children; to love and value our parents.

You can read his full post below: