Song Joong-Ki is Apparently Angry That People Are Spewing False Rumours About His Wife


Last Updated on 2023-03-04 , 2:37 pm

Earlier this year, die-hard fans were left (understandably) heartbroken when Korean heartthrob Song Joong-Ki announced that he had gotten married to British actress Katy Louise Sanders on 30 January.

Additionally, Sanders, 38, is pregnant with the 37-year-old Korean actor’s child.

And if you’re not all caught up yet, here’s a quick run-down of Song’s love life: Song, who is known for his performances on Descendants of the Sun (2016), Vincenzo (2021) and lately, Reborn Rich (2022), previously married fellow Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Hye Kyo in 2017.

However, the duo got divorced in 2019.

On another note, while you might think that your love life (or lack thereof) would be enough to keep you occupied without having to obsess over other people’s relationships as well, it’s clearly not the case for some who expressed an opinion or two regarding the matter.

Yup, they’ve been following Song’s love life like they would with a season of the Descendants of the Sun.


In particular, various rumours and speculations regarding Sanders arose after Song’s announcement.

While some of us might still be wondering if they’re true, you won’t need to wonder anymore after reading this article.

Recently, Song sat down with GQ Korea to talk about them.

(And to debunk all of the rumours.)

Here’s what he said.

Song Denied All Rumours, Said that He Got Angry

When speaking to GQ Korea, he denied all rumours regarding his wife’s identity.

Some rumours that netizens have spread include stories of Sanders being a single mother from past relationships.

There were even “old photos” that “served as proof”, and many claimed that she was seen pregnant at past events and even had a young child of her own before getting together with Song.

Regarding the rumours, Song recalled, “When the nonsensical stories kept growing, I got angry honestly. Except for the name of the university that she attended (Milan Bocconi University), none of the rumours were true.”

Adding onto that, Song also revealed his attitude towards rumours and speculations.

“To people like us, that is part of life, and even if a lot of people knew about our relationship, it’s not like our love was going to change,” he said.

Love Always Wins

Despite these baseless accusations, Song expressed his love for his wife and shared how “[they] balance each other out”, with Sanders being “a person full of goodness and good stories” who “leads [Song] to a positive outlook”.

He also shared that his wife told him that there was no need to get angry when he got frustrated at the rumours involving her.

With regards to his marriage and role as a parent-to-be, he added, “I’m so happy. I’m happy, but at the same time, I’m not a hugely emotional person. I know that I am experiencing a lot of new feelings, but then again, I feel like nothing much has changed.”


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Having His Own Family is One of His Biggest Goals in Life

Additionally, Song also shared his plans for the future excitedly and revealed that “creating [his] own family and having children were two of [his] biggest goals in life”.

“I’m excited, and a little anxious, but in a good way, and I’m trying not to get too worked up,” he commented.

Regardless of whether you approve of his relationship or not, a true fan would agree that as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters.

And if you do disagree, well, then… (Side eye)

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