Song-Song Divorce Allegedly Had 2 Third Parties But Both Are Without Evidence (Yes, The Song Joong Ki Divorce Is Real)

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Yesterday, everyone was talking about the Song-Song couple. Some were buay song with the news, some very song with the news and some just sing-song talk cock about the news. And if you didn’t know, Song Joong Ki divorce was one of the top searches of all-time.

Lest you’ve been busy looking at your hamster giving birth yesterday, here’s a recap: the popular couple, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, who met and starred in the highly popular Descendants of the Sun, married in 2017 and yesterday, it was confirmed that they are divorcing.

While Song Joongki did not disclose the reason for the divorce, the female Song did; according to a new statement by her agency, it was due to “differences in personality”.

But even before this divorce, there have been rumours about their separation.

For a start, Song Hye-kyo was spotted not wearing her wedding ring on several occasions. And secondly, according to neighbours at the Song-Song $12 million house, they claimed that no one has been taking out the trash from the house for a long time, which implied that the house is empty.

However, as usual, there were some rumours about third parties prior to the announcement.

And if you’ve read through the rumours, you’ll realise they’re really just rumours with no evidence at all.

Song Joongki’s Rumour With Song Hye-kyo’s Best Friend

Everything started in February, when Song Hye-kyo was first spotted without her wedding ring.

That was also when rumours of Song Joongki dating Song Hye-kyo’s best friend, who’s also her make-up artist, surfaced. Netizens also noticed that she (the unnamed woman) has been following several interior design social media accounts, speculating that she intended to get a house for Song Joongki and herself.

But of course, the rumours died off, and it has only resurfaced yesterday.

Song Hye-kyo’s Rumour With Actor Park Bo Gum

This rumour is a tad ridiculous. The reason why this surfaced? It’s because Song Hye-kyo just co-starred with the 26-year-old actor in a new drama.

And his management isn’t happy with the rumours; they’re planning to take legal action against the rumours. According to them, “It seems that such rumours were fabricated as Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo Gum recently worked on a production together. We are also in the process of discussing legal action against other rumours outside of the recent divorce rumours.”

Divorce of the Year?

Celebrities divorcing is so common, but it hardly trends online.

If you’ve been in Google Trends, you’d know that this has taken the world by storm so much that the phrase “Song Joong-ki” was searched more than 100K times in a day in Singapore: that’s uncommon, given that the top search phrase usually reaches 20K to 50K.

And of course, this is why we’re writing this article lah. I’m just being honest.

Clearly, the Song-Song couple divorce has taken everyone by shock. While everyone wants to know what happened, it’s best to not speculate too much and respect the Song-Song couple, or should I say, the Song-Song individuals.


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