WhatsApp Might Let You to Remove Sent MSG If Your Friend Hasn’t Seen It

Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 6:21 pm

Let’s face it: we all have sent messages that we hope our friends won’t read. Unless it’s not yet sent (with the clock sign instead of the single tick), chances are, once you’ve sent it, the only remedy is to apologize.

But there’s been reports of a new function that’s coming soon to WhatsApp, and given how reports of updates have often surfaced before these features were officially released (remember voice call reports and video call reports?), it might soon be rolled out to all.

In comes a function called “Revoke”.

How it works is simple: once you’re sent a message and there’s only one tick (meaning the message is sent to the WhatsApp server but the recipient has not received it, whether it’s due to the lack of mobile data or bad reception), there’s an option for you to edit it, or revoke it altogether.

While most of the times, messages sent will be “two-ticked” immediately since most people often have data wherever they go, there’re cases when the recipient might be in an area with bad reception, giving you ample time to revoke that “I want to break up with you!”

Reported in mirror.co.uk, the function seems to be trialled in an iOS beta platform. To edit or delete a message, simply tap and hold the message with one tick.

The leak is by WABetaInfo, a third-party group that provides news about any WhatsApp beta changes in its app.

Image: Twitter (@WABetaInfo)

Do note that this report, compared to other reports that were from other credible sources like Android Police or Android Authority, isn’t as reliable.

However, with WhatsApp constantly upgrading, I won’t be surprised if this is released. It’s just a matter of when!

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