Soon, IG Will Inform You If Someone Took a Screenshot of Your IG Story

Social media such as Snapchat and Instagram have made our lives much easier if we want to stalk our friends or colleagues.

My photo gallery is filled with screenshots coz’ you never know when it might actually come in handy.

So after ditching Snapchat for IG Stories, I have caught myself screenshotting people’s stories.


I know it is a bad habit, but let’s leave any judgements at the door.

Typically, I would just forward the story to my friend alongside a message, if I want to talk about it.

But after one careless encounter when I ended up sending the message to the person who uploaded it…


well, it just made me think of ways to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself.

Now, even that won’t be possible coz Instagram might be rolling out a new feature, sending alerts to users if someone takes a screenshot of their story, TechCrunch reported.

Screenshot alerts for IG Stories

Nothing is set in stone yet as the feature is still in its testing stage.

Those who are part of the testing will see a camera shutter logo beside the username of the person under the list of story viewers.

The camera shutter logo indicates that the person has taken a screenshot of your story.

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It is worth mentioning that users won’t get a special notification like when someone messages you on Tinder, instead the said logo will just show up in your list of story viewers


Personally, I don’t see anything good coming out of it.


In a statement provided to TechCrunch, Instagram mentioned: “we are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.”

So, if they notice that the new feature affects the engagement level between users, they might scrape it.

Fingers crossed!

Pro tip

But if the feature becomes official, then your best bet is to take a picture of the story through another phone and then send it to yourself.

I know that it’s a hassle, but as the saying goes, the devil might be working hard but we have to work harder.

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