South Korea Supermarkets in Daegu Also Wiped Out After COVID-19 Cases Spike


If you think the KIASU-20 virus exists only in Singapore and will only infect people who hold a pink IC, think again.

Panic buying of daily essentials isn’t Singapore nature. It’s human nature.

Lest you’re not aware,  South Korea has become the country outside of China to have the most number of COVID-19 cases overnight.

The land of kimchi had a spike in COVID-19 infections in mere three days.

It all started from 20 February, when the number of new cases jumped from 20 to 70, primarily due to a churchgoer in Daegu who’s now famously known a Patient 31: she had allegedly refused to be tested for COVID-19 and went for at least four services.

Soon, the daily new infections ballooned to three digit: as of time of writing, the number of infections is 433, with a majority of them in the city of Daegu.

Not scary enough? Take a look at this chart and you’d see how rapid the infections has grown:

Image: Wikipedia

And it has led to societal consequences similar to Singapore.

South Korea Supermarkets Also Wiped Out After COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Spike

Unlike Singapore whereby people went apeshit and bought millions of bags of rice after we went from DORSCON Yellow to DORSCON Orange, Daegu is a tad different.

The city has been declared as a “special management zone” as more medical assistance is being sent to the area, including hospital beds. People have been advised to wear masks even when indoors.

With that kind of tangible precautions, you can bet that people panic.


And what do they do when the public panic?

They start a mini-mart at home.

Images of empty shelves in Daegu supermarket are now plentiful online, almost a déjà vu of what happened to Singapore supermarkets two weeks ago.


As usual, it’s daily essentials that are wiped out.


And the queues that’ll come after the hoarding:


Unlike Singapore, some stores have started to close. In fact, since 20 February 2020, the place has become a ghost town as more shops remain unopened.

Some have likened the place as the second Wuhan.

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Panic is a disease that’s as deadly as COVID-19, but if you’d have remembered, we solved that problem within a few days by taking decisive actions.

I’m pretty sure the oppas in South Korea can solve this issue just as fast.

Meanwhile, let’s just pray to God that—well, in this context, praying might not be the best way forward.


Let’s hope the authorities there would contain the COVID-19 and being society back to normalcy soon.

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