SpartAce Fans, ‘Sparta’ Kim Jong Kook and ‘Ace’ Song Jihyo to Leave Running Man


Do you love Running Man? You’ll be devastated to know that two more cast members are going to leave the show.

Fans had barely managed to get over Kang Gary leaving the show in early October when news of Kim Jong Kook and Song Jihyo leaving the cast broke onto the internet.

No more SpartAce


Remember the first time when Kim Jong Kook and Song Jihyo teamed up together during the games? They practically dominated the rest of the cast. And it’s no surprise, given one is the strongest physically in the game while the other is the smartest.

Both has officially confirmed their departure from the show


Song Jihyo’s agency revealed that they have been in discussion for a long time over leaving the show. They stated that she had a hard time juggling between variety and acting. Eventually, she decided to focus on her acting career.

Kim Jong Kook’s agency has also confirmed that he will be leaving the show although the date of departure isn’t known yet. Kim Jong Kook had admitted to wanting to leave the show in the past after falling into a slump from becoming ill. 

Kang Ho Dong Might Join the Cast

With the departure of three long-time cast members, many were wondering if anyone new will be brought onto the show. 


Only Kang Ho Dong’s agency has revealed that they are currently in discussions to join the show so far. Kang Ho Dong is another well-known MC in Korea showbiz and has worked together with Yoo Jaesuk on X-man. 

The show is rumoured to undergo a revamp into Running Man Season 2 on January 2017. 

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