SPF Did a National Day Remix of ‘Count on Me, Singapore’ & It’s Better Than The OG

Image: Facebook (Singapore Police Force)


If you didn’t yet know, we here at Goody Feed are BFFs with the SPF.

We’ve worked with them on several anti-scam videos…

…and here’s one thing we learn from them: They’re really passionate about their jobs, and they’re really moving towards the direction of relatability to the members of the public, while still portraying an image of a force that’s not to be reckoned with…if you’re a baddie.

Just look at some of their memes:

Oh wait, sorry, that’s not a meme, but a silly scammer that has been meme-fied.


Ah, better.

But nothing beats their videos

And, of course, we’re not talking about our videos. We’re talking about SPF’s own in-house videos, which has always been a favourite to Singaporeans.

Last Christmas, those officers who can ace IPPT and kick your ass if you anyhowly touch people’s ass decided to show their dancing skills, and it doesn’t matter that some of them really can’t dance.

Here, take a look; the video has since amassed 282K views with well over 3.8K Shares, simply because they made “Auld Lang Syne”, a classic song, so catchy:

For your info, this is how the familiar Auld Lang Syne sounds like:

And this National Day, the guardians of the city have done it again.

In fact, I’d say it’s even better.

National Day MV

I’m 99% sure the SPF chose the song “Count on Me, Singapore” to spread a message.

I mean, if you encounter a baddie, you’d call the police because you can count on them.

You’ve never heard something say this: “Call police? Got use meh?”

And so, our dear SPF did this, and be prepared to play this on a loop:

This time, the men and women in blue decided to bring in their kids for this, and while they’re cute, it’s the catchy remix that’s lit.

And of course, the best-est part is how those four officers turned from singing citizens into the unsung heroes we’ve always counted on.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Police Force)
Image: Facebook (Singapore Police Force)

Suddenly, I was reminded of my dream to be a policeman since I was young.

MINDEF, can you do something like that or not?


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