3 More Teens Arrested for Spitting From Top of Shopping Mall That Landed on a Man

Whenever I meet someone younger, they usually surprise me with how smart and competent they are.

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They know how to do the various tech things a little better, seemed more motivated to do shit, and for some reason, their average height seems to be 180cm.

Which simultaneously terrifies me as a previous-gen human and excited for the human race.

I’m like oh shit, these guys are the Playstation 5s that are going to replace me, the Playstation 4. And they even have backwards compatibility.

And then I open the newspaper and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that I’m probably not disposable as an old model yet. Sometimes, new models are produced too quickly and malfunction or something.

Three (More) Male Teens Arrested for Spitting In a Mall

According to preliminary investigations, on 12 March 2020, some time after 5 pm, a group of three teenagers spit from the fifth floor of a mall along Victoria Street.

Even though it’s 2020, no, these guys aren’t spitting facts, but actual human spittle.

Of course, if nobody noticed them, or if it’s just a random spit on the floor, it’s highly unlikely that someone would have reported them. And what do you know, the spit hit a man who then reported that to the police on 14 March 2020.

The man could be the person who won the $12 million Hong Bao Draw I don’t know.

Using CCTV footage and ground inquiries, police were able to identify the three teenage boys aged between 16 to 18 and arrest them on 18 March 2020.

I’m not sure what the teens were trying to achieve, but here’s a word of encouragement to them:

Image: Giphy

Remember the Other Spitting Incidents?

And you might remember a few other spitting incidents, including one that was on the news on 12 March 2020.

That’s right, on 12 March, two teenage boys and a teenage girl were arrested for doing the same thing from the fourth floor of a mall. Except these teenagers were even ‘smarter’ and provided evidence of their crime by uploading the spitting video online themselves.

Pretty sure it’s not for TikTok.

On the leap year, we also talked about two cases where a 12-year-old and 17-year-old spit on the buttons in the lift, which made this image viral:

Image: Reddit (u/Frogsama86)

You know that these teenagers don’t read the news. Cause if they did, they would have known that just spitting can potentially get you jail for up to 3 months, fined up to S$2,000, or both.

Of course, just because you’re not a teenager, it doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to do things like this. I’m looking at you, old man.

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