S’pore Aunty Called the Police Because the Durian She Bought is Tasteless


You know, judging by recent activities, one would think that the Police are like a Neighbourhood Task Force or something.

There were so many calls made to the Police over the most trivial matters that I bet they’re wondering, “When did we become some volunteer group? Are they aware that this is an emergency hotline, not a counselling hotline?”

Well, this time they have been summoned again, and for the somewhat understandable reason of “Police, police? My durian no taste sia. My $188 durian. I think I got scammed. I want to lodge a police report against the salesman!”

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What exactly happened?

According to Stomp, on Aug 28, 2016, a Redhill resident had gotten ‘scammed’ by a durian salesman.

The 71-year-old was having a siesta in her flat at Block 46, Lengkok Bahru, at around 3 pm when a salesman knocked on her door, promoting Mao Shan Wang durians.

She felt that the salesman looked honest enough, and when he said that the Mao Shan Wang durians were imported from Malacca, she was intrigued, and so settled for one.

However he kept pestering her to buy another, and she eventually obliged. He then extracted the meat from two durians and passed it to her.

Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

After he left, she checked on the durian meat only to find that it was hard and not at all ‘fragrant’. On top of that, it was tasteless and had a ‘cardboard’ like texture.

The first thought that ran through her head was, “Shit, I got conned.”

The second thought was, “Gonna call the police on that asshole.”


According to the resident, the Salesman seemed to be in his thirties and is of above average height. He also had tattoos on both his arms and he talked with an accent.

So if a guy fitting that description comes up to your doorstep and asks you to buy his durians, you know what to do.


Now, I actually ‘kind’ of understand why the auntie had called the Police.

She was kind enough to buy two ‘overpriced’ durians off the guy. And in doing so, she had trusted him, despite his annoying pestering.

Then he went and betrayed her trust by selling her such allegedly atrocious durians.

I would be angered too.


And we all know what humans do when they are angered.

Image: 9Gag

Unfortunately, the things we do when we are angry aren’t exactly the most logical.

Just take it from these friendly Netizens who were eager to share a part of their lifelong experience.

Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp


Final thoughts

Instead of calling the Police straight away, she should perhaps have gone to the Police Station to file a report instead.


Calling 999 is more often than not an act of emergency, and imagine if there had been someone in danger of losing his life and desperately dialling the Police Hotline, only to lose out to an elderly woman reporting about her durian not having any ‘taste’.

Wa, that one really is ‘Yuen Wang‘ (maligned) sia.

So peeps, next time your Yong Tau Foo doesn’t have any taste, don’t call the Police. Go to the station and file a report against those damn hawkers.

Spare a thought for the hotline operators, y’all know?

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