S’pore Fake Influencer Made Hilarious Video To Make Fun Of SG Influencers & The Internet Cheers


Being an influencer is hard. Especially so in Singapore, where the rep of influencers can be a tad bit…iffy.

I mean, when you can get popular on social media by dissing influencers, why not? Especially when you feel for what you say.

And that was what this girl did. 

Mini Moochi: How to be Top SG Influencer

This Singaporean girl has basically declared war on all influencers in Singapore. Okay lah, maybe just influencers that are guilty of what she did in the video.

I firmly believe there are good influencers that exist. Like the Malaysian influencer who works to put herself through university. 

In her video, she highlighted the basic excuses influencers used to defend their own actions. Like it’s just boobs, taking bikini photos and doing mei tu xiu xiu to all your photos.


And to top it off, she does it in an influencer way to bring her point across. *Cue clapping and wolf whistles*

The video was a huge success, clocking her 211k views, more than 2,300 reactions and had over 500 comments on the video in two days.

Check out the video for yourself below:

On a separate note, don’t be fooled by her looks.

She isn’t an influencer. Instead she makes funny videos about everyday stuff Singaporeans faces in everyday life.

That’s kind of like us, except she’s better looking. 

If you don’t get the joke, check out our failed attempt to be an influencer, which has ten times less views than her video.

Shits That Happen in the 90s

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Posted by Goody Feed on Tuesday, 16 May 2017

You can check her Facebook page out while I go cry in a corner.


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**All images are screengrabs from Mini Moochi Facebook Page

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