S’pore Funeral Parlour Offers To Do Free Cremation For People Who Can’t Afford it

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Hands up if you think most news nowadays is just a bad read.

Not that they are badly written (like most of Thrashy Feed’s article are, okay kidding), but rather that they are just always about bad things happening to equally bad people, or worst still, to good people.

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Though you’ve got to agree that Facebook takes some of the blame: bad news spread faster, and with more engagement, it leads Facebook algorithm to increase the article’s reach, which is why you often see bad news going viral.

But anyways.

Today though, there appears to be a piece of unadulterated good news that I would like to share with you.

Up steps Terie Sim.

Straight Case for Free

On 25 Feb, Terie uploaded a post onto Facebook and it has since gotten quite a bit of traction.

Here’s the post:

If you can’t read the caption for some reason or another, here’s it reproduced in full:

Not everyone is rich. If you don’t have any money to set up a funeral is okie you dun need to worry. you can call mie at 93439611(terie) I will do (FREE) for de Deceased (straight case), I promise I do so. I dun need anything just an (ANG BAO )will do any amounts. We will pay for everything. Help mie share my post around thank. We are just 1 call away 🙂

In it, Terie appears to be offering free cremation services (straight case) out of goodwill for people who are unable to afford it.

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He adds that “not everyone is rich” and that he promises to do it for free in exchange for just an Ang Bao (in any amount) in return, which is probably for some sort of return blessing or paying it forward methinks.

For the unacquainted, a straight case is simply the cremation of a deceased without holding a wake, rituals and/or processions.

According to a quick search on the net, a straight case typically averages anywhere from $1,100 to $1,300.

No doubt then that netizens were quick to chime in on Terie’s post.

Here are some comments:

Image: Facebook/Terie Sim

Clearly, like yours truly, this breath of refreshingly good news bought joy to the many netizens out there.

Terie’s photo shows that he is in the employ of An Fu Funeral Services, which specializes in funeral services for the Buddhist, Christian, Taoist and Catholic faith.

According to their website, their mission is to give everyone a dignified send-off, no matter rich or poor.

A uniformed messaging from An Fu’s website and Terie’s own post I would say.

Thank you Terie and An Fu Funeral Services.

You are the heroes we need but may not deserve.