S’pore KFC Outlets Will No Longer Provide Straws & Cup Caps from 20 June 2018

I guarantee you that if you believe that this is true, we’ll steal our boss’s credit card and order KFC for the entire population of Jurong North.

Here you go: KFC will stop providing plastic caps and straws for drinks.

Yeah, and moving on-


Wait just a sec. Wait a minute. Chottomatei.

Hold on just an extravagant minute. 

KFC will stop providing plastic cups and straws?


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Then how? What do we drink from sia?

From the cup la, then? You got brain one or not?! – Goody Feed Boss 2k18

KFC removes plastic cups and straws

Just today (18 June), KFC announced that to curb the usage of single-use plastics, the fast-food giant will no longer supply plastic caps and straws with drinks at all its 84 outlets in Singapore, starting Wednesday (20 June).

Then takeaway how, you might ask.

Well no worries; they will still offer plastic caps for takeaway drinks (if not how to carry seh; not everyone can drive as well as Jay Chou).

But still, no straw.

What’s this plastic caps they’s talking about?

First thing first: what caps?! When did cup wear those red Make America Great Again caps?

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This lah:

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Did you just go, “Oh that ah; I don’t need it anyway”?


In a press release, the fried chicken chain expressed that the move, part of what it calls the No Straw Initiative, will represent a reduction of 17.8 metric tonnes of single-use plastics in a year.

“We acknowledge the strain that single-use plastics put on our environment and are taking steps to do our part in endeavouring a change,” said Ms Lynette Lee, general manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken Management.

“We recognise that every little bit counts and are proud to be the first fast food restaurant in Singapore to champion this movement, one straw at a time,” she added.

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Well I can’t deny it’s for a good cause. But still…

Something’s lacking, you know. You know what I’m saying?


This wasn’t their first time going green

In December 2016, the fast food chain actually transitioned from dine-in paper boxes to reusable baskets. And in early 2017, the foam packaging for their breakfast platters and porridge bowls were replaced by recyclable paper ones.

Bet you didn’t notice that, eh? For me, I just thought it’s a move to make the restaurant look more atas. After all, restaurants often use baskets instead of paper boxes.

And it worked; their use of paper boxes and foam packaging were reduced by 2.5 million and more than 700,000 sets respectively, all in the span of six months.

So if anything else, they certainly aren’t ones to quit halfway.

And it seems that this course of behaviour is only set to continue, with the company stating its continued intentions to review and offer more biodegradable packaging.


But hey, if you think we’re bad (well, it’s actually good for our kids lah), just look at Taiwan. Apparently they’re gonna ban all single-use plastic items, including straws, cups and bags by 2030.

Image: Channel News Asia

Yeah, I think Singapore’s doing just fine right now. Hoo, way to go KFC!

In other news (I know this is kinda unrelated), KFC has brought back its wholesome Mac ‘n Cheese serving.

Image: KFC Singapore Facebook Page

But still, no straw.



Then again who eats Mac ‘n Cheese with straws? Oh wait, those plastic spoons we use for our whipping potato…OMG.

Stay tuned.

Now you know what Singaporeans are talking about today; do check back tomorrow for another piece of news of the day!

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