S’pore Lady Asked Why Parents With Prams Should Be Let Into The Lift First & Netizens Erupt

An apparently innocuous image was recently uploaded onto the internet.

Here it is.

The image shows supposed parents holding on to both children and prams while looking on into a crowded lift, with doors presumably about to shut.

The picture was allegedly taken at an MRT station.

But as we know, context is preeminent in this day and age.

In one such instance of this photo shared, a Facebook user gave her two cents’ worth on the situation.

And for that, she got more than a bang for her buck two cents from very watchful netizens.

Lift, Wheelchairs, Prams and Priorities

Facebook user Sue Strange shared this image on her Facebook on 10 April.

In the post, the same image was pictured, with a comment by another Facebook user, Nuru, brought to the forefront of attention.

At the time of this writing, the post had garnered 568 Comments with 1,600 Shares.

Nuru basically disagreed with the notion that people or parents with prams, and even people on wheelchair, should be given priority when entering a lift.

She advocated for a first come first use approach and called out said people for feeling “entitled”.

Not surprisingly, her comment opened up a floodgate of opinions from other folks.


There was much anger directed at Nuru.

Some were far from constructive, and some were rather unmitigated.

Others called her out, ironically, for being “entitled”.


Nuru’s Follow-Up Comment

In the wake going viral, Nuru followed up with a few posts on her Facebook page.

Nuru stood by her “first come first use basis” and appeared unrelenting and unwavering in what she believed was right.


She further explained that if it wasn’t an emergency, one should not be “obligated” to give up their turn.

The later two posts were regarding the amount of backlash and indeed, the nature of ferocious backlash she received.

Ethos and Logos

So what’s wrong or right indeed?

Many among the comments spoke from a “Logos” point of view.

Which in short appealed to logic.


They made it clear that people with prams or people on wheelchairs, were not people who had options due to mobility issues.

That said, it also appears to be true and logically right that another commuter should and would have her/his turn in the queue, even if there were parents with prams waiting in the wings.

They are, after all, paying commuters, and who’s to say that one should deprive them of their lift ride, even if it’s with a baby and pram in hand.

As Nuru, herself, puts: “If they are not in an emergency, why should you?”

That said, some others appealed to “Pathos” or emotional argument.


And the world can indeed do with more courtesy.

Ultimately, one wonders as did this netizen.

Where are all these SJW indeed at the MRT lifts?

**All Images from Nuru’s and Sue Strange’s Facebook**

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