S’pore Man Allegedly Scolded Foreign Worker Taking a Rest At HDB Void Deck; Netizens Disgusted

Image: Joey Chin Facebook Video


Foreign workers are the backbone of Singapore.

They clear our rubbish, build our homes and take on high-risk jobs like cleaning the facade of high-rise buildings.

Unfortunately, not everybody thinks the same way.

S’pore Man Unhappy With Foreign Worker

Facebook user, Joey Chin, uploaded a video of a Singaporean man scolding a foreign worker at an HDB void deck on Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019.

He was having lunch at a void deck at Kaki Bukit, Jalan Tenega when he witnessed the incident.

A foreign worker was lying on the ground at a corner resting when a Singaporean man walked by.

He immediately confronted the worker when he spotted him lying down on the ground.

“Oi Oi Oi!!! Who are you? Why are you sleeping down here?! You are not allowed to sleep here! This is my house! Here is not for sleeping! What are you doing here?!” he allegedly shouted.


Foreign Worker Not Allowed To Explain

Joey explained that the video was only part of the conversation.

Throughout the conversation between the foreign worker and the Singapore man, the man was simply ranting at the worker, not even giving him a chance to respond.

He asked him to go to the lift lobby and look at the police notice on the notice board.

And said that the worker should feel “lucky” because he did not call the cops on him.

The video ended with the man telling him to go and work if he is here for work.

Man Allegedly Left After He Couldn’t Get Support From Fellow S’porean

Joey finally snapped and cut off the recording to confront the man.

He claimed that the man was “taken aback” that Joey wouldn’t take his side. And that the man allegedly left after he was not able to “rebut” Joey’s “words, warning & scolding”.

He encouraged netizens to share his video, not to shame the man, but to tell others that no one should ever act as if they have the authority to shout at foreign workers.

You Can View The Full Video Below:

Netizens’ Reaction

If there’s one thing good to come out of the entire incident, it’s to know the fact that Singaporeans today are no longer as xenophobic as in the past.

Netizens who saw the video were disgusted with the Singaporean man’s actions.

Some said he had no right to scold the worker.

Some ask him to be more compassionate.


And one just want the uncle to show some appreciation.


**All images from Joey Chin Facebook Video unless otherwise stated.


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