S’pore Man Jailed For Punching Man Who Asked Him To Stop Shaking His Leg At Shaw Cinema

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Before a movie starts, it’s pretty common for an advertisement to be screened, illustrating the Dos and Don’ts in a cinema.

Cinema etiquette, if you will.

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The general consensus for unacceptable behaviour in the cinema are as follows:

  • Don’t use your phone in the cinema.
  • Don’t talk in the cinema (highlighting this for those people who can’t keep their mouth shut)
  • Don’t litter in the cinema.
  • Don’t put your leg up on the chair or kick the back of people’s chairs while they’re trying to enjoy the movie.
  • Don’t punch people in the face. Period.

At least one person did not get the memo and proceeded to punch a man in the face when he was told off.

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S’pore Man Jailed For Punching Man Who Asked Him To Stop Shaking His Leg At Shaw Cinema

23-year-old Clifton Wong Jun Han was asked by another man who was also in the cinema to stop shaking his leg. Wong became angry and proceeded to attack the victim and his wife.

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Wong faced one charge of voluntarily causing hurt to the victim and another for a similar charge for his wife whom he also attacked. He was sentenced to a day’s jail and a fine of $3,000 on Tuesday.

A second charge of hurting the victim’s wife was also considered.


What Happened

Wong had gone to Shaw Theatres with his wife at Seletar Mall in Sengkang on 1 August 2019 to watch a movie.

Because what else do you do in a movie theatre? Scratch that, I don’t want to know.

They sat next to the victim and his wife.

During the film, Wong shook his leg continuously, which understandably disturbed the victim and his wife as their seats were moving as a result.

The victim then told Wong to stop shaking his leg.

After the movie, Wong got up from his seat to leave the cinema. He accidentally (well, that’s what he said) tripped and stepped on the victim’s foot. However, the victim didn’t say anything.

Wong turned and cursed the victim, who ignored him (again).

Wong then confronted the victim and punched him (more than once) in the face. The victim raised his hand to block the punches, and his wife also tried to stop Wong.

At this moment, Wong began punching the victim’s wife’s’ arms.

Wong was then restrained by his own wife and other peopl, before security came.

The police received a call and a person reported, “We are watching movie. One guy about 30s beat up the auntie and uncle. Quite bad. Both auntie and uncle are injured. You all have to come down.”

The victim and his wife were treated at Sengkang General Hospital.

Wong Was Stressed

Wong’s defence lawyer said that he had just quit smoking and was facing withdrawal symptoms at the time.

To add on, his wife was three months pregnant at the time, and the couple had been experiencing “considerable stress” as his wife had periods of heavy bleeding.

“That gave rise to a concern that there was a possibility that the kid would have Down Syndrome,” said his defence lawyer.

We hope that everyone involved will be able to move on from this incident. Stressed or not, it’s never right to use anyone as a human punching bag.


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