S’pore Uber Driver Conquers the Internet By Having Fast-Food While Driving

This badass driver is obviously taking UberEATS too seriously. 

One Uber passenger recently lodged a complaint to Uber about her Uber driver who allegedly had his MacDonald’s meal while he was driving. He had a dipping sauce on one hand and used the other hand to pick up his fries and nuggets.

The video also showed the driver guiding the steering wheel with only his pinky – because even when driving also important to dip fries into sauce, right?


But Uber passenger, Ms Xu, did not take it so well. Ms Xu was taking a Uber trip from Pasir Ris to her workplace in Toa Payoh, at around 3 pm on Wednesday (Dec 15) when it happened. She could smell the aroma of fried food when she boarded the cab and asked the driver to wind down the windows.


From an interview with Lianhe Wanhao, Ms Xu commented

At some point, some sauce dripped onto his pants, and he momentarily took both his hands off the wheel to pick up some tissue and wipe off the mess. It was really outrageous.

Since she did not want to confront the driver on the spot, Ms Xu decided to take a video footage of what happened and complained to Uber – also not forgetting to post it online.

Granted, it is wrong to eat while driving because other than the fact that it is not polite, it can also be really dangerous to be doing so on the expressway.

On the other hand, Ms Xu could also have confronted the driver to ask why he was eating while driving to understand the situation better before choosing to file the complaint. Perhaps he didn’t have lunch because he was too busy? Did you know that many Uber drivers out there rarely have a proper lunch break?

Perhaps he didn’t have lunch because he was too busy? Did you know that many Uber drivers out there rarely have a proper lunch break because the competition is just too strong? They have to earn enough to cover both the rental of the car and fuel used in a day – and also to support a family. 

However, in a reply from Uber, they commented

“We sincerely apologise for the rider’s experience. This is clearly not the kind of experience we want riders to have on the Uber platform.”

“We are focused on providing our riders a safe and reliable experience. We are looking into this matter with the driver and, will take appropriate action as necessary.”

Well, at least Ms Xu was greeted with the smell of fried food and not the smell of cigarettes. I once met a driver who smoked in his car prior to picking me up, and you can’t imagine how the whole experience went.

Maybe the next time you meet a driver like this, you can first ask him why he’s eating while driving and then ask him to share his fries with you? 

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